When we were little, I was always thrilled by the complexity of the television and other appliances. I was amazed by how it works and I wanted to get my own things done! I wanted to do my own TV, do my own radio and do just a lot of things! I thought maybe they achieved the result because of the shape of the TV, shape of the fridge and so on. Perhaps, if I could just get the same shape, I could get the same result. With this in mind I set out to build my own!
I took empty cartons and started building something that shaped like a television. I made openings where was supposed to be the screen, I used nylon to cover it just as glass is used in the television. In same manner I used carton to build something that looked like fridge and for me I had successfully made my own TV and other appliances. When the time to test my products came, I could only try imagining I was seeing something on the screen and my siblings also consented that they were seeing something! I used bottle covers to place water in my little fridge and after a time I would bring it out and try imagining it was cold. When I gave my siblings to check they also consented that the water was cold…. Our imaginations were trying to make it seem as though it happened but in reality nothing happened! I could keep staring at my supposed TV screen trying to imagine a cartoon I had watched out of it and it would seem like I saw a blur trace of it and I could ask my siblings to keep looking steady that they would see something and it would seem to be working! I was just a very little kid then.
At some point I became the engineer of the house. I would go to one of the abandoned appliances, plug it and hit it… Sometimes it starts working! I remember one of our Video Cassette player that was abandoned which I plugged and hit, it started working! It became the talk of the house! Sure, I thought I fixed it, I thought I had blessed hands when it comes to fixing appliances because of some little success it seemed I recorded with trying chances but it was purely coincidental and not because I knew what I was doing.
Growing up, I was dawn with the reality that for once I had not succeeded with any of those things I did! I realized those things never worked because I knew how to fix them, they worked because they weren’t entirely faulty. They were just abandoned due to one malfunctions or another. The fact I was called an engineer didn’t really made me become engineer and it didn’t even made me qualified to study engineering. Yes, I did something that looked like television but it was just a carton! I did something that looked like fridge but it was just a mere carton! Those who developed the television I wanted to copy had a lot of things they did that the eyes don’t see from the outside, they did a lot of work on the board and so on but the outside design I was seeing was just a form and not all there was to the appliances. Because I didn’t know what they knew, no matter how perfect I was able to get the shape of the television, my carton could not turn to television!
This is how a lot of people want to copy someone else thinking just because they copied that person they would achieve exactly the same result those people achieved. No, there is more to every success than the eyes can see. Things the eyes don’t see which plays role to every success stories are much more relevant that those things the eyes see! You want to run a church as successful as that of Joel Osteen and you think dressing, talking and walking like Joel Osteen could guarantee that? In fact, buying a stadium can’t give you the same congregation Joel Osteen’s meetings would give. There were stages of principles Joel Osteen applied before he could come up to the current status, there were things he denied himself, there are times he would spend hours studying and praying, there were times he gave up, stumbled and rolled back. It is those secrets that you need to learn! You can’t be like Bill Gate financially by just doing whatever you heard he did, what about the ones you never saw or heard he did?
No matter how something was painted to appear successful, if it isn’t successful it is not successful. We did things that looked like wrist watch but it was just folded papers! We did things that looked like mobile phones but it was just papers! Stop trying to replicate other people’s success because there are just a lot of things done out of sight which you may never know until you decide to give yourself to study! Don’t copy people’s success, be a success! That you talk like a successful man wouldn’t make you successful! That you walk like a successful man wouldn’t make you successful… In fact, you can’t replicate success by just doing all of the things you found successful people doing! You need to know what you didn’t find them doing and start doing it…. That’s the hardest part.

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