God gives a man vision but that vision is meant to be carried and run by others. God doesn’t give a man vision for his own sake, He gives men vision for the sake of others and the kingdom. There is no individualism in any God-given vision, every kingdom vision carries the concept of kingdom-socialism in the sense that every vision from God given to any man is meant to be run in absolute accountability to the kingdom. While that vision is given to men, it’s meant to serve a purpose, a purpose that benefits not just the vision bearer but the world at large.
For any vision to meet it’s need, it must be carried along by partners. Every vision needs partners, people who understands that vision and is committed to seeing it fulfill it’s purpose. The vision bearer is not more important than the vision partners, the vision bearer only had the privilege of receiving it but the partners are committed to running with the vision. Concerning vision, God said to Habakkuk in 2:2 saying “write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it”
While the above verse talks about vision as in revelation of something to happen, it has a concept that is relevant as we discuss vision which means a revelation of a task to be accomplished. Every vision needs one to run with it! Every vision bearer will not do much when he lacks the gift of men. When a vision bearer receives the gift of men for any vision, that vision stands the test of time. This means a vision bearer needs to be conscious of the relevance of men in running the vision. Yes, it is true one man received a vision but many times God uses other men to shape that vision into what He wants it to be. Visions can also operate in a transient mode, some visions aren’t meant to last for a life time while some are meant to last as long as the earth remains. But which ever kind of vision we have received from God, we need the gift of men to bring shape to that vision. God uses men to carry out a task, that’s why He has to communicate it to someone and that person has to get people run with it.
Vision becomes a mission when the vision bearer receives the gift of men. Having a vision alone is not enough, you need men who will run with it. The gift of men becomes an easy thing to receive when the vision bearer understands the place of getting people involved and carrying them along. A vision bearer must have a large heart to accommodate people because they need to believe in the bearer and then the vision. Anyone who doesn’t believe in the bearer will not last long believing the vision. This means a vision bearer will have to work towards gaining the trust of people meant to partner in the vision. Certain people will definitely not follow blindly!
When Jesus started His ministry, He called certain men into the vision and they followed Him. All the while they were following, they didn’t know what it was all about, they followed for the sake of bread and other goodies! I got to find out they never followed because they wanted to make impact. To some point they didn’t even knew who Jesus was, Judas betrayed Him, Peter denied Him and some got back into fishing! However, Jesus was taking time to nurture them and gain their trust. He’d gain their trust later, the ministry of Jesus was proven before their very eyes! They shook this world with the gospel of Jesus because they were convinced beyond every reasonable doubt. The thing is, don’t make proving your ministry a priority, don’t make it your mission! Focus on the assignment, focus on loving and training the men God has given you regardless of their disloyalties, just keep loving even when you are given reasons to get angry!
Sometimes this men gifted to vision bearers don’t appear so wonderful! Some of them come with confusions that needs clarity, some of them come with nothing good to behold! Some of them come as though they are very ignorant and it is in this process that the vision bearer nurtures them, patiently serve them even as their leader and bring them to that point where they become relevant to the vision. The vision bearer makes them find their place in that vision just as Jesus made the disciples find their place in Him! People stick to a vision when they see themselves in the future of that vision! Knowing that vision aren’t for individual benefit makes you open up to accommodate the gift of men God has given you.
God may not give you awesome, smart and intelligent folks. He may give you people that you must nurture and discover the greatness in them! You must patiently discover them and see their relevance in your vision. Don’t just give up on people anyhow, they may be the gift God has given you. God gives people the gift of men in disguise! They are like raw gold that must be refined for it’s beauty to surface. That person you met in the bus, that drunk you had an opportunity to talk with, that prostitute you encountered, that moral decadent and unreligious folks you won may be the gift God has given you. They are gifts to you inasmuch as you are a gift to them. It was very carnal and unreligious men that Jesus called into ministry…. He was patient to accommodate even their annoying questions. He knew one would betray Him, He knew another would deny Him but He knew it would be for good.
Are you treating certain people with unnecessary preference? Do you ignore some people because they are not the wonderful and smart kind you thought you’d get? Do you look at other bigger ministries and get envious of the quality of men God has given them? There is more to that which the eyes sees… Discover the gifts in the men God has given you. There is nothing more beautiful than the gift of men, they ride you on eagles wings!

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