I am not sorry.
You’re not a believer in Christ Jesus if you think being tolerant means believing that there are other truth! I have a working knowledge of what the Quran says, I have a working knowledge of what Buddhism advocates, I know about Eckankar and the rest… As much as I can only depend on the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to them and engage them politely in a sincerely loving way, I can’t as a measure of pleasing everyone make them feel there is truth in their faith. I am a Christian not a moralist or religious bigwig! It is moral to make others feel good but it isn’t Christian to do that at the expense of demeaning the authenticity of what Jesus said. As a Christian, I believe in the claims of Jesus to be THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE! Call me up on any Larry King kinda show, call me up on any Oprah Winfrey kinda show, sit me with an Imam and clerics of other faith…. I would shake hands with them, smile with them but I will still be strict with my convictions, I will look at them all in the eyes and say “I mean no offense but am not sorry if you feel offended. Jesus is the only way, truth and life and outside Jesus, God does not exist. I’ll keep praying He reveals Himself to you all….” I would say that and walk away if they wouldn’t want me to sit back.
I am not just unashamed of preaching this gospel, I am also not sorry!
Yeah, hold your juicy offer if it’s going to be a problem bringing Jesus and the principles of the kingdom to the table. I can work with anyone as regards societal projects and career but hey! I am not tolerant enough to bow my head, stand or close my eyes when you’re asked to make prayers according to your faith in a board meeting. I can’t recognise your god, I can’t say there are other ways to God and I can’t act or even pretend it. I can of course allow you practice your faith even if you’re serving under me in an organisation but I can’t pretend to have some level of agreement with you. I wouldn’t even bid you Godspeed nor encourage you to keep up at it. I better not talk about it at all if I am concerned about getting you upset.
Religious tolerance does not mean trying to see God from your own angle. We were never asked to see God from another angle! In the Bible which is the only Book I consider holy, Jesus said “if you have seen me, you have seen the father.” So there is no provision given to me to see God from another angle. If Jesus is my Lord and Saviour which is what makes me a Christian, then I’d rather not flaunt the orders and claims of my master as something subject to investigation! My response to everything Jesus said and commanded is “YES SIR!” Come on, He is my Lord and I’ve got no other say to what He already said and I am not allowed to see from any other perspective rather than the Jesus-perspective.
I can only agree there are other ways to God when I am not fully convinced. How can I agree with some other things that faults Jesus when I have experienced the power of God first hand flow through me to heal the sick instantly! I have seen God’s power move through me to someone who couldn’t resist the impact! Perhaps, God allowed me to experience it so that I can make bold to say “Yes, we talked it and we also felt it with our hands and saw it with our eyes!”
I can’t be romancing with Islam just because there is a claim that it is from the Abrahamic lineage. I am not sorry to say, Abraham is not my God, his mistakes cannot be the sponsor of my worship because without apology I know it was the mistake of Abraham that brought forth Islam. The devil will always want to hinge on mistakes to role in his agenda but we are overcomers in Christ Jesus.
One might ask me, what if you were born into Islam, do you think you wouldn’t be a diehard Muslim just as you are a diehard Christian? I have two answers to this…. First, thanks to God I was not born into Islam in the first place. Secondly, I used to be crazy about denomination anyway but not anymore, my craze for Jesus started on a personal experience with Jesus. I stopped being a moralist and a religious person the day I encountered Jesus.
I thank God you don’t have to be a murderer and terrorist to be an extremist in Christianity. You just have to be more loving and accomodating. That is how to be an extremist in Christianity. I understand there are good Muslims, I know there are Muslims who also want the best for me but understand me when I say I don’t play dice with my faith and as long as you haven’t yet believed what I believe, I am not shoving Jesus down your throat! I will not put you at a gun point to recite the Apostles Creed. I will only let you see Jesus by expressing Him. We can still be good friends regardless of your faith but our friendship will not cross its limit because some level of intimacy is only reserved to people who syncs with me in the Spirit.
Jesus is Lord ••• Blessings in the name of Jesus
-George O.N-

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