A lot of people have asserted that motivation isn’t important and some public speakers, especially from the religious circle, have alienated themselves from being branded as “MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS” but rather go by “Inspirational Speakers” in the sense that the words they speak are inspired by the Holy Spirit! Some begin their speeches with a reminder “I am not a motivational speaker”. They do this because they are scared of criticism, something that has been the trend in recent times.

Well, motivation is completely important and even the Bible which most of us regard as the word of God contains motivations! I believe God is the chief motivational speaker. If God was to have a CV, one of the first skills that will top the list is “motivational speaker”. Words like “be strong and courageous” appeared many times in the Bible and you think that isn’t motivation?

Every believer of the Bible knows that major parts of that book motivate you into action, it motivates you into praying and also into working. For example, in Proverbs, you find words like “sow in the morning, in the day and at night for you don’t know which one will give you a plentiful harvest”. Is that not huge motivation for someone who has been trying lots of things an almost on the verge of giving up?

You need motivation a lot of times else you might give up on the way. Truthfully speaking, when you talk to people desiring a change to occur as a result of what you have communicated, it is motivation. A lot of times, it is your personality that inspires people while your words motivate them. You may be inspired in yourself to speak to people but what you actually give out is motivation. Your charisma, carriage and some other elements of you can inspire people without your control. Motivation depends on your inspiration.

While motivation doesn’t solve your problem one-time, it charges you into taking that big step to either finding solutions or proferring solutions which you already have. Motivation digs up the gold in you and puts it to your face. You don’t bath once because it is never enough. You bath in the morning and the dust of the day stains you, you get back home and bath for the night! In the same way, motivation is never enough and that’s why you need a daily dose of it. You may meet challenges today that may question the motivations that were pushing you, you’ll need to be motivated again and again.

In fact, motivation and inspiration work together. Inspiration is what you feel on the inside and motivation is something you feel from the outside that pushes you to take actions. Inspiration drives you and motivation pulls you! To pull and to drive are two different things. Motivation gives you a tangible insight into the motive of why you must get something done. Without having a reason to do something, you may really never want to do it. Motivation gives you a reason to get up and find that job you may have always rejected in the past, accept that offer you had never wanted to accept, accept that friendship you were having a double mind about. Motivation gives you a tangible reason to get up and do something.

On the contrary but not in opposition, inspiration involves a process and often goes through your sense of hearing or seeing! Whatever inspires you makes a connection with your soul and charges you into excitement. This is why we have songs, movies, stories and speakers who inspire us. It inspires us not because it gave us any reason to do something but because it connected to the depth of our hearts. Inspiration builds passion, motivation awakens that passion into reality. Many people are passionate about something but they need more motivation to get out there and do something. When they are made to realize why they must do something, they get to the action.

Without passion which inspiration builds, motivation will not make so much meaning and without motivation which comes from outside influence, inspiration may be there but will lack implementation. Inspiration as a word was derived from the Latin word that means “In-Spirit” or “Divine Guidance”. Inspiration is often spiritual and that’s why spiritual speakers often don’t want to stay on the “motivation” brand because they feel anyone can really motivate but not anyone can inspire. We must remember that even the devil and demons inspire people negatively.

Lazy people can get inspired, they can even receive beautiful ideas but it takes motivation to shake off laziness! Paul needed to motivate lazy Christians to work when he advised lazy Christians should not be allowed to eat. This way he gave them a reason to work; at least to be able to feed you’ve got to work. In another place, Paul motivated believers who steal to stop stealing and find something doing so that they can help others in need.

Having said this, motivation isn’t only for lazy people. While you may be inspired, motivation brings definition to your inspiration. Some people have a passion to change lives, they were inspired but motivation depends on their inspiration to carry out definite tasks. Two persons may be doing two different things because they were motivated differently but for the same purpose of changing lives.

You can find motivation by creating a motive or finding one. You are motivated when you lay hold an idea and have reasons to see it to the finish, that idea is chiefly there as a result of inspiration. So you need both and you can not do without both. Even those who criticize motivational speakers always need to motivation which they don’t admit. Or maybe, they aren’t literate enough to know the meaning of motivation. As much as your Spirit is divinely guided if you are yielded, your mind needs to be made up for you to start making things happen.


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