“In every twelve, there must be Judas”

Many people make the above statement to justify their wrong choice of people. They seem to find the fact that Judas was among Jesus’ twelve disciples as an indication that there must always be a Judas in any gathering.

This idea doesn’t just make everyone a suspect, it begins to send off signals of insecurity and people begin to wait up to that day their own Judas will manifest. They make it seem as though what happened to Jesus was a result of wrong choice of people but no, that is not true!

Jesus had so many disciples, there were more than 70 but Jesus chose Judas and 11 others to be the very closest persons to Him. First, Jesus knew about Judas and what Judas would become and Jesus chose Judas for what he would become. Jesus knew from the moment He set His eyes on Judas that with the condition of Judas’ character, he is the one able to betray Him to that degree.

He picked Judas for that very reason. Don’t be in a rush to conclude, Judas never kicked off plans to betray Judas the moment Jesus called Him, he never knew he would ever betray Jesus, it wasn’t his plans. Judas answered the call to Jesus Ministry because he wanted to be involved, he answered that call because He wanted to be part of that movement and it was not an initial plan of Judas to betray Jesus but being a person of dubious character, he was the choicest person to fit that role.

Judas left everything he was doing to follow Jesus, Judas followed Jesus through the high and low and it was until the devil got hold of his heart (John 13:28) that he became utterly determined to see to it that Jesus got arrested. Judas’ made choices which gave room to the devil and it was his own choice.

Jesus didn’t realize Judas would betray Him, He knew Judas would betray Him. It was a like a leaked movie script that even the characters who would be taking up roles have not seen. Jesus didn’t have to do a research or make investigations to know He would be betrayed (John 13:21)!

In John 2:23-25 the Bible made it clear that Jesus had the ability to know what was in all men and this doesn’t exclude Judas. Jesus also knew Peter would deny Him (Matthew 26:34). Jesus knew Judas was stealing from the treasury and yet never apprehended Judas for once.

His knowledge of Judas theft wasn’t based on reports by the disciples because they may never have known but Jesus knew! Initially, Judas had a kind of disagreement with Jesus. Jesus who had been preaching giving to the poor, selling your stuffs and handing over the proceeds to the poor disagreed with Judas when the issue of selling a whole pot of a very expensive perfume came up!

Jesus rather had Mary pour out this perfume on His feet and it was within the times after this event that Judas went off!Jesus never made mistake choosing Judas as one of His disciples, He knew the role Judas was going to be playing in the Salvation-Mission, He needed to be betrayed and being a good judge of character, He intentionally chose Judas for that very role.

Jesus never chose Judas thinking Judas would preach the gospel to the Gentiles, Jesus didn’t chose him thinking maybe Judas would be one of the early Church fathers, Jesus didn’t call Judas to preach to the 3000 that initially got saved in Jerusalem after Peter had preached…

Jesus had looked at the character of Judas which was greatly flawed and judged that there isn’t any better person to play that role of utmost betrayal than Judas!

When it comes to choosing people for roles in whatever we do, we have to chose carefully, we have to be intentional for who we put in certain roles!

You don’t justify your wrong choice of association by saying “after all in the twelve there was Judas.” Yes, that twelve needed Judas, the mission needed Judas. Well, if your own mission doesn’t need a Judas, don’t chose a Judas! Jesus made the great choice of Judas because He didn’t come to earth to live, grow old, die and resurrect. He came to be used as the sacrificial lamb!

Judas wouldn’t have known that when Jesus prayed “Father forgive them for they know not what they do,” he was covered in that prayer! He never knew he already had forgiveness from God and he killed himself in regrets and unbelief.

The only difference between Judas and Peter was that Peter repented and moved on from the past but he had remorse but held on to the past and the conscience of guilt.

Judas was covered in Jesus plea for forgiveness on the cross but because he held on to his mistakes, his past and the feeling of guilt, he committed suicide. Peter was still used by Jesus afterwards but the ministry of Judas ended with his wrong and today he is only known for his wrong while Peter was known for his exploits!

If there was no Judas, there wouldn’t have been anyone else who would inform those who sought to kill Jesus of His whereabouts because arresting Jesus in the midst of the crowd would cause a city-wide protest because that would happen right in the midst of thrilling and exciting miracles.

So, it was a deliberate attempt to put Judas in a very close position so that his role can be adequately carried out. Jesus needed to die, the time came and like He already knew, Judas played out the perfect scene as written on the script.

Now, don’t make careless choices and term it “Judas among twelve” as a result of your un-discerned choice because the only reason there was ever Judas among the twelve was because Jesus needed Judas. If you don’t need Judas, don’t bring in Judas into your fold! If you made a wrong choice of association, it is not Judas, it is your mistake.

Was Judas saved? Find out here.

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