If you aren’t familiar with the word “10 years Challenge” you are probably not existing in a sense. Sorry to say that but in this present age, you are only partially existing if your digital presence isn’t active. A lot of things are going on in the digital world, things that words may even find very difficult to express. Since the inception of social media, there has been several internet phenomena that were and is so profound! Some of these phenomena doesn’t just occur, it wins the heart of world influencers who also take a bit of the chunk! You still remember about the mannequin challenge, you remember how it spread like wildfire and how even high profiled men and government officials did there own challenge! That is the magic of the internet and how it brings the entire world together to be doing one thing. Now, we have another giant phenomenon called “10 years challenge ” in which someone throws back a picture from 10 years ago merged with a recent picture to tell the story of change through photos.
10 years challenge started among the United States Facebook users at exactly first January and have since spread worldwide and localized into the fabrics of every local community of Internet users thus having them think it just started with them. There has also been claims which is reasonable, citing that Facebook initiated the challenge to help them train artificial intelligence to understand the human aging process as regards to their face identification software.
It has been fun for lots of people recounting how they had grown from grass to grace but it will also be a challenging time for those who has had major setbacks in the past ten years. Regardless of what your story happens to be, ten years challenge tells the story of change; that nothing about humanity is permanent. Some had lost loved one in the past ten years, some have had very traumatic experiences that they will sincerely never want to throw back but some have got amazing stories to tell too! Our experiences in the past ten years may not be the same but we all sare one common experience which is change!
Regardless of what your story has been, the main deal now isn’t your past but your future. To some people, the glory of their past will continue to hold them down because they take all their time talking about the achievements of the past when it isn’t reflecting in their present lives! To another, the shame of the past will continue to make it difficult for them to move on! The only thing useful from your past should be the lessons but you must relieve yourself of the past and speed on!
Truth is, whether we literally got engaged in the challenge or not, we all played that challenge in our hearts. I am sure one way or another, we have tried recalling what went on with our lives in the past ten years, some of us have been able to identify what went wrong in the past, some of us are still picking up the pieces of the puzzle and trying to make something out of it but I’ve got a news for you! You can’t have the past 10 years back, you can’t rewrite the stories of the past and you can’t go back to the past to correct any mistake or reclaim any winnings you’ve made and spent! But, you still have another 10 years ahead of you, you can decide now to intentionally write the story of your coming ten years. Maybe you weren’t intentional about it in the past but now you can consciously decide to build the next ten years! It may not go exactly the way you want but it cannot go out of shape or out of form from what you have envisioned!
It is not late to plan your life again, it is not late to move on! Don’t throw back a past you will not appreciate but you can build a future you can love. What your story will be in the next ten years is the story you consciously or unconsciously decide to write. Improve your relationship with people, it may be key in securing a glorious future! Develop yourself in your areas of interest and allow growth to take place with your consistency.
Whether you are proud to share your past or not, whether you feel throwing back your past is worth it or not, we can build another 10 years that we can all be proud of. Now, take some shots of yourself, write what you are working on now, make and list your strategies, start working on them, maintain a healthy relationship with God and trust Him while you are at the process! Don’t be ashamed of going through the process, remember it is one step at a time! After ten years, let’s play the challenge together.
I am George O.N
The Man-In-God

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