HARD TIMES | What about it?

There are hard times, it is undeniable! The economy is melting down on a global level, people are suffering from the incompetence of leaders when it comes to managing the nation’s economy and the big question remains, what should be the disposition of believers in Christ at moments like this?
First, I want to make it sincerely clear that what Jesus came to do was not to solve world political and economic issues, Jesus never came to give us hope about the situation of this world, Jesus never came to make this world a better place! He didn’t come talking about climatic change, global economic meltdown and the occupation of foreigners in a land that never belonged to them! He came to rather salvage man from the systems of this fallen world, to save man from sin, change their hearts of stone and put in a new heart of flesh! Jesus came, bringing God’s kingdom among men in the sense that those who key into that kingdom can be in this present world but not be of it! Reason is simple, God handed the world over to man to take charge of it, Jesus came for a different mission.
Having said this, how then does a believer react to the negativities happening in the world today? Being a Christian doesn’t immune us from this world’s problems but the big truth is, God has designed us to be able to pull through the hurdles of this life. There was never a promise that only good things will happen to believers but we do know that there is an assurance in the word of God that all things works together for good to them who love God, to them who are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).
The reason a lot of people give up in the face of challenges is because they have been made to believe that once we get born again all things become smooth and when it doesn’t turn out to be the exact experience they begin to feel that they aren’t Christians enough! There is no smooth ride on earth but we know that because we have a higher life, we can sail through! No matter how great you sail through the storm, the shaking of the boat may happened but what matters isn’t that the boat was shaking but that you were able to sail through. Because we are in a degrading world, stuffs can happen but we can stand it! One big thing again is that you have God’s power in you and you can command the storm to be still and it gets stilled. When you know that the challenges you experience cannot destroy you, you’ll not faint! The Bible says something similar in 2 Corinthians 4:17 “for our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us as far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.” Many people quote this place to mean that things will soon be good on earth. While it is not harmful, this is not what the Bible is saying! The Bible is saying that the afflictions of this earth will not last forever, it will definitely end with this present world and we are hopeful because God has prepared a lavish celebration for us that will last forever!
However, God is your father and you have the freedom to communicate with Him and relate your concerns with Him at everytime! God may not actually make a bag of money fall on you, He may not send miracle money into your account but He can send people your way, He can make you receive ideas He already released in this world. But you have a responsibility, it is dependent on you to maintain that good relationship God has arranged for you, it is left for you to be diligent in what you do. Your disposition during trying times isn’t just to expect God to do something, you also have to dip hand into the gifting God has given you, you need to think with your God-given brain! Some believers make it seem as though every single part of our physical bodies are useless but God created these things for specific purpose! While prayer helps you receive ideas, hope and peace, you’ll also need to think!
When David faced Goliath, He trusted God enough but he didn’t stay in the bush asking God to go kill Goliath! He didn’t fast so that God may be moved to strike Goliath! There is a principle in this world which God has put into place. You must do something, you must make that effort in faith! David picked five stones, I am not an expert in theology and will not try explaining what those stones means, some say it represents the name of Jesus, the Bible didn’t tell us! All I saw was a young boy who believed God and went into a battle not in his own name but in God’s name! He picked stones that he would use in his sling but God sustained his effort, making his first hit, the premium hit! David was faced with a national threat, David trusted God but David went into the battle front knowing that God releases blessings into our hands when we allow that hand to carry out tasks meant for it!
For instance, if you are faced with serious debts, it is very good to trust God and pray about it but God also want you to sit down, evaluate and think of ways to settle it! It is in your effort that God finds a channel through which His own strength is revealed! This isn’t a new testament truth, it is just the unchanging truth about God. God will never take up your responsibility but He will empower you with strength if you trust Him.
I also believe there are some cases beyond what human strength can even try and you can trust God to avert that situation! For instance, you were given a report of incurable or deadly disease, it is beyond what man can do and you can receive your healing in the name of Jesus! But what about those who believed but never got healed? Should I say something was wrong with their faith? Should I say maybe they did something wrong? No! The Bible never said it can only be good but we know that even when it is bad all things works together for the good of them who love God!
Sometimes people struggle to get healed, people struggle to receive miracle money and they struggle just about anything they were promised in Church. At some point, if they don’t see it forth coming, they start withdrawing! We must start teaching people the truth! That you didn’t get healed doesn’t mean you aren’t a Christian, that you didn’t make money even after all the prayers doesn’t mean something is wrong with you! We may not know what God’s plans for that situation is, God definitely will not project any evil to you but when the devil tries to get at you with it, God converts it to training! Sometimes you’ll have to experience lack for sometime so that you can learn how to manage resources, sometimes you may get heart broken to be able to be compassionate when others are going through a lot because you’ve been there! This is how all things works for our good! God is mighty to save you from any situation and you’ve got to allow Him do it the way He wants. Jesus allowed Lazarus to die, to be so dead but that was not the end of the story! One thing you must know is, God is right there with you and will see you through it all! Don’t let the voice of the devil convince you that God isn’t there, don’t let depression come in the way. Knowing what awaits you should fill you with joy and confidence. I met a certain woman who had cancer, she is born again and have often ministered healing to others and she said “I know I can experience healing this instant and I may not understand why I am not yet healed but I know God is faithful, I trust Him and I am not giving up on God. God is good everytime.” she didn’t just say those words, she meant it and she remained happy and continued ministering to people. She didn’t let the devil leverage on that condition to get at her mind.
It is not in God’s jurisdiction to give you money but He can bless the works of your hands or inspire helpers to come your way. ; You’ve got to work for that money. Some illness are result of unhealthy living and it is your responsibility to live healthy! Some people are having conception issues and sometimes it is because of the kind of junks they eat and adapting to a healthy lifestyle will do for them what others consider miracle! As long as a believer can still feel pains when pinched, there are certain things a believer can still experience in this world! As long as a believer still gets hungry, a believer may also need drugs sometimes. The Bible says that herbs are given for healing and you aren’t a sinner or inferior Christian for taking drugs.
There is no place in the Bible where the Saints ever taught the Church that challenges will not come, there is no single place where the Church was ever told once they confess positive they get what they say. Positive confession is very good and powerful, it keeps building a consciousness in you, it keeps you afloat and it even keep you hopeful but it is not magic lines! When you are faced with challenges, your disposition should be that of joy, knowing that there is something better beyond this world, knowing that all things are working for your good and knowing that God can empower your efforts to yield massive result! Don’t be overwhelmed by any situation but in all things, pray, rejoice and don’t forget to put your hands to work.
I am George O.N
The Man-In-God


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