LOVING GOD | To Love Him Is To Know Him

Loving God
Many times people keep asking if it is really possible to love God, someone we have not behold with our physical eyes! Well, this further proves how much love isn’t a feeling based on what our human eyes have seen. Such love, the one based on sight have a lot of limitations and can never measure up to what love truly is. God doesn’t just want us to be attracted to Him, attraction is a working of nature, God wants us to go beyond that with Him, He wants us to know Him and today we will be briefly looking at what it means to love God.
1. TO LOVE HIM IS TO KNOW HIM: Loving God is impossible without knowing Him. How can you love what you don’t know? This is why love at first sight is still very questionable till date because true love is strongly based on knowledge! In John 14:15 we see Jesus saying that the only way to truly express love for Him is to keep to His words and in 1 John 2:3 we saw that we have come to know Him if we keep to His words. If you don’t know His words, you cannot keep it and since keeping this words of Jesus is the core way of expressing love for Him, you must sincerely seek to know more and more of His word! Now, it doesn’t end in singing “Lord how I love you!” It is nice to sing it but it is in sincerely seeking to know more and more of Him that you express your love for Him.
2. TO LOVE HIM IS TO PUT HIM FIRST: Many of us find it difficult to put God first. Sometimes it is our health or wealth and then God. Sometimes, it is our families first and then God. Well, Jesus made a very profound statement in Matthew 10:37 where He said anyone who puts family first before Him isn’t worthy of Him. Jesus never meant that we ignore our families but He simply meant that if serving Him would mean getting rejected by families, then anyone who would prefer to stick to the family than stick to Him isn’t worthy of Him. To put Him first also means to worship Him and reverence Him! In Mark 12:30 we see that both strength, mind and soul can be employed in the worship of God! We can worship God with our skills and talents and with everything in us! There is no possibility of loving this world and loving God at the same time! If loving Jesus would make us loose friends and loved ones and we are ready to follow that path, then that is love for God!
3. TO LOVE HIM IS TO DESIRE HIM: The Psalmist made a very remarkable statement in Psalms 73:25 saying “The earth has nothing I desire but you.” God wants us to desire Him because it is the desire for Him that makes us keep searching the word to know more of Him! There is this thing called “hunger!” You don’t have to be satisfied with what you know about God now; you need to yearn for more and more of the knowledge of Him. Of course, you have all of Him but you need to know more of who you have in you! When you desire God, you would want to honour His words and live like Him! Just like the Deer pants for the water, your soul ought to be longing for God if you love Him! Just like Mary, Jesus wants you to always sit at the feet of the Holy Spirit to learn more of Him and that is what only desire could do! If you travel far from home and you truly love your wife, I believe you’d always rush to the phone each time she calls because you love her and want to hear from her! Lovers of God can’t always wait to hear from God, they keep rushing to the word to hear from God because they truly desire Him!
4. TO LOVE HIM IS TO LEAD THE LIFE OF LOVE: To love God is to love others and to live a life that truly exemplifies the character of Jesus! By doing this, you are already obeying the words of Jesus. If you love God, you would love others too and you cannot say you love others when you do not love God! The Bible says in 1 John 2:9-11 that anyone who claims to know God but hates another is still in darkness! You cannot have the love of God in you and not want to show it to others. The Bible says the love of God has been shed abroad in our hearts! So, you can love and this is a way to show that you love God! Every believer has the love of God in them and they ought to let it shine! It is the love that God has shed abroad in our hearts that we respond back to Him!
I am George O.N
The Man-In-God

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