A lot of people have been asking me over the years if I am a feminist or not and being that I am surrounded with people who abhor that “feminist” tag and sometimes see feminists as bitter people I have usually not given a straight answer!

I have wanted to be seen as a neutral person and I personally don’t like tags too but for some reasons I am now coming out to say it loud and clear that I am a feminist and wouldn’t be stressing myself so much to make everybody understand me. But let me make my stand very clear for people who would go out there to change “I am a feminist” to mean “I hate men and abhor their leadership.”

There was no time I signed up to be a member of some cult called “feminists”, I just became a feminist without even having to know what that word meant. You don’t need to know the word to be one! Many people are feminists without knowing, some aged women in the village who have always felt “the women are being suppressed and relegated to the background” are feminists. They don’t have to know a word exist for that for them to become one. An online friend posted “you can’t be a feminist and still be a Christian.” Seeing that remark, I felt I have been doing a great disservice to the community by not even coming out straight to say I strongly plug into the feminism ideology and what it stands for! I know that taking a strong stand to defend the core idea behind the movement will also encourage lots of folks to come out of their shelves!

Some folks have tried helping me, they want to absolve me from their backlashes on feminists maybe because they respect me and they tell me “well, you are not that kind of feminist… You are humanist!” Hold on, stop confusing yourself.

Humanism is just another line of thought that has nothing to do with voicing out the equality of humans regardless of gender! You could be a humanist and still not want a woman to be a leader in your organisation even when she is qualified! That it sounded “ism” doesn’t make it anything close or better than feminism.

Humanism means “a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism or other supernatural beliefs, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good.” – American Humanist Association

A feminist is someone who believes everyone should be given equal rights in the society and it majorly has nothing to even do with individual families! Many people have subjected the fight for women’s right to just the kitchen and laundry! While I also agree that women are not designed for the kitchen and laundry, there are more pressing issues on women’s right beyond that of domestic chores.

People can configure their marriage to sooth them but it is both couple that do the configuration and not just the man. My understanding of feminism have not just made me vocal on the subject matter, it has changed entirely how I relate with the woman. I can boast of that, the ideology of feminism made me a better man.

I have personally come to understand that domestic chores aren’t “women stuff!”, if you can be hungry, you can cook! If your clothes can get dirty, you can wash! More so, it has helped me see women beyond the “weakness” tags! It has helped me see that women can just be anything they want to be on earth.

Feminists are not men haters, I am a man! I have lots of feminist friends who are women and they value love, they value romance, they value relationship, they love kids, they don’t like dressing like men, they love to look girlish and they even admit their areas of weakness! They cry over break ups and look for a shoulder to lean on! They are just what we know as being feminine. They are lovely souls who are ready to love and be loved! Women feminists are not women who suddenly want to become men or be above men they are people who know that every human needs equal playing ground to live their lives and no one was created to subdue another.

Of all things God asked humans to subdue, He never asked them to subdue another! I put a challenge to you, show me any place you think God asked men to subdue the women or any place the women were asked to submit to men and I’ll show you how much of God’s word you don’t understand. Let me give you one instance…

Paul said in 1 Timothy 2:12 “I do not permit a woman to teach or assume authority over a man” and many people are not careful when trying to interpret this. First, we must consider the audience Paul was talking to and why He was talking to them that way. Not permitting women to teach was simply based on his personal reasons and not on doctrinal reasons.

Moreover, Paul was specifically referring to women assuming authority over their husbands! Somewhere else Paul had asked both husband and wives to “submit to themselves.” I believe Paul was trying to address the issue of excesses here. Paul said “I DO NOT…” It was Paul who doesn’t permit and not God or others! In places where Paul had authority (as in leadership) he doesn’t allow women to teach. It doesn’t mean there were people who didn’t allow women to teach! One great way of interpreting the Bible is looking for another place in the Bible where same thing was repeated! When certain things aren’t repeated in the Bible, then it is a very minor issue.

There were other things Paul personally decided to do that we cannot put up as a rule in the Church. Paul wasn’t even addressing societal issues but issues as regards to Church meetings and worship. Paul never got married and he even advised that we follow suit! Paul wasn’t speaking doctrinal here; he was just giving his personal opinion. Jesus said “two shall become one…” It wasn’t just a spiritual statement, it also showcase how a man and woman become one by the reason of marriage. Peter said the women are “co-heirs with their husband.”

To be fair, it can also be said this way “husbands are co-heirs with their wives…” If Jesus never limited the preaching of the gospel to men, then Paul was obviously not discouraging women from preaching and teaching the gospel. He was only cautioning wives who were abusing the freedom they have in Christ towards their dealings with their own husbands and not with men in general.

Saying that feminists are men haters and frustrated group of people is like saying men are rapists and beasts! It is like saying women are prostitutes! Enough of that nonsense! Feminism is not a religion, it is an ideology and a call to see things just the way God designed it! Anybody telling you that God made men to rule over women have just a very little or no understanding of the Bible. It was a reversal of the original intention of God that brought disorder to the world!

This disorder came as a result of the fall of Adam, God never intended it that Adam would rule over the woman, He only revealed to them what the system of the devil looks like, and He revealed to them what was obtainable outside His presence. If we say we are Christians, then we should all be feminists! Why? Because the Bible made it clear that in Christ, the male-female barrier is broken and everyone is equal!

Trying to make any gender look lesser than the other isn’t just abnormal; it is anti-God, anti-Bible and entirely anti-Christ. It is a direct insult to God and His creation! It is only in marriage that both the man and the woman loose rights to themselves and for themselves. That is to say, in marriage, the woman isn’t all out for her right because her body belongs to her husband and the husband is not all out for his right because his body belongs to his wife.

Okay, some have problem with the word “feminism” but not the ideology! I apologise on behalf of those who first branded it feminism without your consent but long before then, “humanism” has been a word that represented something else that isn’t about human right. Feminism became the choicest term because men haven’t had much problem as regards their right, the campaign for recognizing the right of every human started with the travails of what women were going through.

When certain women open their mouth to criticize feminists, I feel so sad because they are just enjoying their ignorance to a very high degree. They don’t know how much they have been liberated as a result of this movement. In some parts of the world today, women are still going through hell… Why should it not be feminism?

Those acclaimed “true Christians” who brand us anti-Christ and anti-Bible has little or no knowledge to what feminism is. They cook up so many incoherent logics to justify their claims but at the end it still remains incoherent, they can’t even have a decent argument because they are just all out to fight!

What exactly makes feminism ungodly? Is it the fact that we are saying “men and women should be given equal opportunity in the society?” Is it the fact that we are saying “no human is more important than the other?” Is it the fact that we are saying “women too can be leaders. Their education doesn’t end in the kitchen.”? Didn’t certain women lead war in the Bible? Didn’t the people of Israel won the war? Did Jesus say “Men, go and preach the gospel?” Weren’t His female followers among those whom He commanded “Go into the world and preach the gospel?”

Just in case you don’t know, Jesus exhibited every form of character that would get Him the “feminist” tag if He is physically on earth today. To get me dump the ideology of feminism, you may have to start with proving the Bible as false, proving that God doesn’t exist and proving there is the “real god” who dropped an instruction saying this is men’s world. Feminism isn’t something you sign up for, fill a form and get inducted into!

Feminism isn’t an organization or a cult; it is simply one saying “yes” to what has always been there! We are not trying to correct what God didn’t create right, we are simply making people understand what they never understood right!

No gender is in competition with another and no man or woman is the same with another. Everyone is unique regardless of gender and when we talk of people being equal, we don’t mean they are the same! All men are not even the same with themselves… But then, we are saying that no human is lesser!

Every woman deserves respect and support to be what they want to be just as the men have always enjoyed it! We are saying that those religions and traditions where men are superior to women may have served their purpose but it is irrelevant in this age; it can’t serve any purpose again. Since those traditions were human crafted, it has human errors and it will also take human willingness to reject them.

This is not men’s world; it belongs to the women too! The man has his area of strength in accordance to what he is designed to do and so does the woman have her own area of strength in accordance to her design! So, both genders are meant to complement each other and express a complete humanity. If God truly created them male and female and asked them to take over the earth together, then that God must be a feminist too.

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