Whatever will make a believer in Christ Jesus start seeking deliverance from Satan is ignorance. The devil thrives in the ignorance of God’s people and he hold them by their ignorance not as a victor but as one who is sacred of these believers ever coming to the knowledge of who they are and wherein they stand. The present condition of the believer is that we live in Christ, move in Christ and have our whole being in Him! (Act 17:28) How can Christ be your dwelling place and Satan make you a place of habitation? How possible is it that your whole being stems from Christ and yet Satan is in control of it? It is not possible! The devil can only make you think he is powerful, he can only get you believe in a lie and you begin to see that lie becoming true to your experiences if you ever believe it. The knowledge of who you are in Christ Jesus is the beginning of a whole new experience for you. In verse 27 the Bible even called us the offspring of God! What a great testimony! This is the present state of every believer in Christ Jesus.
No wonder you have the absolute right to call Him father! Look at this, Romans 8:15 “For the Spirit that God has given you does not make you slaves and cause you to be afraid; instead, the Spirit makes you God’s children, and by the Spirit’s power we cry out to God, “Father! my Father!” ” Did you see that? Fear is absolutely not from God because the Spirit He has released into you isn’t a Spirit that produces fear or make you stay in bondage! It is not a Spirit of do and donts but your ultimate guide, leading you into all truth! Keeping you bold at all times as long as you yield to Him. It is this Spirit that makes you God’s child and this is why you have all the right to shout out to God as your father!
Now, I want to tell you something very important briefly! Don’t give room for fear no matter what somebody tells you! Don’t give in to fear no matter the situation at hand! Stand strong in confidence and keep testifying God’s word. Keep declaring the truth of His word and keep making it part of your consciousness! Can you just see that amazing testimony above? That you have the Spirit of God in you? How can you be living in fear when you belong to the Almighty God? You don’t just belong to God, you live in Him and have your being in Him! Listen to me, there is no single reason to fear!
Now I want to show something else in the word! Read Colossians 1:12NIV, “and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light.” God didn’t just gave you a fragment of Heaven’s best! He qualified you to be a share holder! It would have been nice if He gave us just little but He made us heirs to His all! You are a member of the God-board and therefore with God you rule in the affairs of men! How can you know this and still be living in fear! Oh my! This is why you’ve got to be full of thanksgiving to God. If they ever told you that you need deliverance from the devil maybe because of what you’ve been going through, tell them “I know better now! I just have to thank God more!” You’ve got to create for yourself and atmosphere of joy and thanksgiving. You’re not trying to praise your way into this truth, you are in it already! You just have to make it your present day experience by being conscious of it! Now, look at verse 13 of the place we just read a while ago. “For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves,” This isn’t present tense but past tense! You are not going to be rescued, you will not be rescued, you have been rescued out of darkness and brought into the kingdom of the Son He loves! This is where you are right now! Unless you aren’t born again anyway but if you are, you are so saved and so free! You have been delivered already, you do not need any deliverance of any kind from the devil.
Let me explain in case you don’t understand. God came to your rescue when you were still wrapped up and shackled in darkness! God rescued you and transferred you out of darkness into God’s kingdom! So, you don’t need any more deliverance than you have been delivered already. The devil has been defeated! We were left with a finished devil and there is no need fighting a finished fight! You’ve got to operate from the place of victory! You have overcome the devil by the blood of Jesus and the word of your testimony! (Revelations 12:11). You are victorious in Christ Jesus and you are free! Satan has no single right over you, not one bit because the blood is speaking of your deliverance forever!
This should be your confession.
George O.N

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