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Can God be in control
Sincerely speaking, one of the hardest things to do in this flesh is to give God the control especially over things we love, admire and relish! It is like getting a cup of Cold Stone ice cream and you have already scooped up some portion and when you were about having a taste of it you hear God tell you through your heart “Oh well, now you’ve reached the limit… Put that back! You can’t have that Cold Stone ice cream.” It would be difficult to put it down, you would even want to accuse that voice of being “the devil” and not God. At that moment, you may remember every scripture that supports you taking the ice cream. It would be easier to say “Lord Jesus, I accept you as my personal Lord and saviour!” but to walk the talk becomes a little bit difficult. The “saviour” part is very okay but the “personal Lord” part is often very challenging.
However, God understands our flesh and understands the difficulty we would have when thinking about submitting totally to His own control. God wouldn’t take control if you don’t give it to Him. Yea, He would want you to drop the Cold Stone ice cream but He might not force you to drop it. You may still eat it and still live! But along the line, you might learn it the hard way why He never wanted you to take it. Maybe He was protecting you from food poisoning or something you never could tell. Because God understands the limitations of our flesh in wanting not to have Him take control, God has given us His word and as we continue to meditate on those words we are coming to terms with what God’s perfect will is. God isn’t trying to be bossy even though he reserves all of that right but He wants to guide us right.
The Bible says in Romans 12:2 (NLT) “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” Look at that very closely, the only way to copy the customs of this world is to live just as every other person lives, it means to live by our own will! However, we can learn to know God’s will by changing the way we think, by thinking through the word God has already given. It is not automatic, we can’t just wake up and know all of God’s will but the Bible says we can learn to know His will! This means, I can always go to the word of God and shape my thoughts using the word!
It takes absolute trust in God to put Him in control. The limitation we have in the flesh is usually because the flesh wants to see, hear and feel with the physical senses but the Spirit operates well by faith! No matter how unpleasant it may seem to be, choose to follow God’s will and never ever think you’ll perish in it if you don’t help yourself out. God knows why He wants you to hand controls over to Him, it may seem senseless to some situations but you will always find out that God was right, He is always right! When you give God the control, you are making Him Lord over your feelings and desires. You may obviously flop at times, you may get afraid at times and you may want to walk in your own ways at times but don’t keep walking off! Get yourself together and return back to His will. He loves you and understands those limitations and He will keep guiding you and bringing up opportunities where you will always hear Him speak to your heart through various means.
There are some basic ways to keeping yielding to God’s will and learning what His will is and I believe this will help keep you in check if you’d post it where you’ll always see it till it becomes a habit!
1. MAKE PRAYERS A REGULAR HABIT: Consciously develop prayer routines! You could give yourself a prayer timetable including praying every night and every morning! This will help you connect more with God in your senses, it will help you get intimate with God and will always make you pour your heart to God! Have this consciousness in you that God is your father and your friend! During prayers too, you are implementing God’s word and God is dropping words in your Spirit.
2. DON’T DENY YOUR FEELINGS, BUT BE IN CHARGE: You don’t have to deny what you feel just because you are trying to live above it! Accept your feelings because they belong to you but understand you don’t belong to your feelings. Be in charge of it with the word of God! You wouldn’t always act based on what you feel but based on what you know is true!
3. BELONG TO A COMMUNITY AND BE ACCOUNTABLE: I would have just wrote “have a Pastor” but as important as that is, it is not enough! You need mutual support and relationships! God doesn’t want you to walk alone! He wants you to grow with other believers and enjoy that beautiful community! Identify a community of believers where your growth and well-being is valued! Don’t just belong to a place because it’s cozy and trendy, don’t just stay in a place because you feel you’d be offending someone for not being there! Stay where you are sure you are growing, where you are sure you can be comfortably accountable and a place you are loved and can be listened to. God will use these people to keep you in His will because anytime you want to make a mistake, you’d see someone whom God will use to draw you back in love. Stay where your personal opinion too is respected without judgement! (Romans 14:1, Galatians 6:1). It is with people who share the same values with you that you need to spend time with.
4. MAKE A HABIT OF STUDYING THE WORD: Even though this is contained in the entire body of this writing, I want to point it out again! This is the most important thing you need to do as a Christian! The word of God as expressed in the Bible contains the mind of God. In 2 Timothy 3:16-17 we see that the Scripture is God-breathed! When we spend time studying the word, it will exposing us to what God’s mind is and what His will for us is. You can’t pray effectively when you are not full of the word. The word of God makes you live different because you now understand better how to live a victorious life according to God’s will. This way, you are getting God take control.
I believe this helped you! Please find time to drop your comments and also share with others!
I am George O.N
The Man-In-God

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