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A lot of us go through series of emotional issues and sometimes it seems happiness is something that doesn’t come by easily. How does it come about? Is there any big stuff you need to do to be happy? Do you need to have things just exactly the way you wanted it to be happy? Do you have to depend on friends and social media? Sometimes we do all manner of things just to get the simple taste of happiness and at the end we end up wanting for more, realizing that the stuff we were looking for isn’t there! Some want to depend on alcohol or drugs just to keep up with the flow but at the end, their life becomes more like a ruin! Can we just be sincere and admit that at some point we have sought for happiness in the most bizarre way without finding it! Sometimes, the end of our relationship and all the drama that follows goes further to tell us how much we have depended on people to be happy which isn’t supposed to be so. When he or she isn’t there anymore, will you still be happy? If happiness is dependent on what we were able to do right or achieve, does it mean we will never be happy if we fail to get it right?

As believers in Christ Jesus, God’s love letter to us which is His word is the only thing that can sustain us. Sometimes, our feelings will not just stay cool because it is not strong! When things aren’t going right, our emotions always blow up in fear and sorrow but we can always find peace and happiness in the word of God if we trust God enough to believe that His word is true. You are a victor and not a survivor, so you can live happy when you want to and Christ’s peace is readily available in you! Let’s get practical.


You could tell people your problem and they make a topic out of it but you can tell God and He creates better opportunities for you out of it! Sometimes you realize it’s not just people you need, you realize that even the people you thought would be there aren’t there and you find yourself getting very lonely by the day. God is just the only person who is there at all times and He hears you when you call.

Building a better relationship with God makes you always fall back on Him. It is in fellowship with God by the Holy Spirit that you have a better reflection; it is a time of learning from God and a time of resting on His shoulders practically. Yea, we have so many substances that could give you a nice start for the day but nothing is nicer than being serious with God. When you are deluded of love, you can rest in His love.

You can be open to God, you can let your emotions flow as you also let go of all the strife and grudges you are having in your heart. You can drop it all at His feet. The Bible says in 1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you.” God cares… He wants you to know that. When you spend time with God, you will think less of what is wrong and focus on what is right.


So many times we get so full of worries about ourselves that we forget there are people who also need our love. Sharing love to others is one way of staying fulfilled and happy! This will help you look away from yourself and focus on others. Even if it is the loss of a friendship that got you worried, don’t hesitate to show love to others! You could send support to charity, send words of encouragement to people who need it and watch your life blossom again.

These things aren’t for temporal gratification, it stems up joy from the inside and it gets you more fulfilled. Loving others is a sure way of getting your own mind off your worries, it doesn’t mean you are denying you had issues, it means you know those issues can’t put your life on pause. In 1 Timothy 2:1-2 we see Paul encouraging us to pray for others first! How about still standing to pray for those people who left you; that they will find peace anywhere they are?


Well, you don’t need to be Shakespeare to write down those worries and heart breaks! You could get yourself a special diary where you write down those worries! You don’t have to make the social media or whatsapp status your diary! You don’t have to go public with your tears seeking sympathy from the public; they will make you worse when you finally realize that they don’t really care that much! You aren’t keeping those memories because you can’t let go, you are actually letting go by pouring your heart out on those papers.

When you write it down, you are admitting your worries and fears but you are also dropping a testimony reminder because soon you’ll look back at that diary and see how much God has healed you.


One of the ways we deny ourselves access to happiness is by holding on so long to lots of things we should have let go. Sometimes it is difficult to let go but it is harder and more dangerous when you don’t let go. There is no need going back to the wounds, allow it to heal. Now, you need to take a break from social media and somehow, all forms of communication except of course if your earnings or career heavily depends on it but you need that space alone where you let go of everything, where you sit back, look inwards and allow God to do the fixing. It doesn’t mean becoming a loner, it means becoming more aware that you don’t need anyone to be happy except God.


I wrote an article about giving up where I said sometimes it isn’t a bad idea to give up. Motivational talks like “do not give up” don’t apply everywhere. Stop fighting to get what has been so difficult or impossible to get. If it isn’t yours, don’t force it on yourself. Whether it is your business, career, relationship or something else that was giving you headache, stop fighting to make it work! Give up on fighting hard and stay cheerful.

We would always want to complain to get people sympathize with us but you have to stop complaining now. You have to completely look away from that issue and live your life. If you couldn’t afford that house-rent, don’t punish yourself! If you couldn’t afford to clear that debt and they are on the way to get you arrested, panic solves nothing! You have only one option; to give up fighting and rejoice.

You need to make Philippians 4:19 your anchor scripture and it says “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Give up on the fight but not on God. You need to encourage yourself and put up Bible verses that speaks to you anywhere you’d see it!


If you can look back, you will realize that many words you spoke about yourself are coming into play gradually. The more you speak those great words of God over your life; it influences your mood and gets you going! You don’t have to live like the world decides for you; you can decide how you live and when you want to be happy! Stop complaining and start saying the right words in every given situation. Have favorite verses in the Bible that you confess about yourself every morning!

God wants you happy and you can choose to be happy! Hope this ministered to you! Which of the points spoke more to you?

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