One of the most fascinating things about the creation story in the Bible is not just that God said “let us make man in our image”, He didn’t stop there. He went further to say “…in our likeness, and let them have dominion…” (Genesis 1:26). It is intriguing to know that we are God’s only creatures created after His own very image and this means that in the making of human, God had Himself in mind and above making us possess some kind of Godly attributes, He also allowed us to exercise authority on earth. We often overlook this simple truth but in it lies the answer to our questions like “why does God allow evil to thrive?”

I think we are making a big mistake when we ask why God allow evil to thrive or why He allows people to mess up with us and get away with it. First, human nature became flawed the moment evil entered the world through disobedience but that is not the focus of this article but it is important to note it as it will guide us in some areas. God wanted us to be as loving, caring and great just as He is but everything got messed up when man desired more than what God has made him. The man allowed evil on earth and not God and it is in the hands of men to shape the world into whatever they want it to be.

God never created the world to rule man! Oh yes, He rules in the affairs of men but He allows men to rule the world and make out of it whatever they want to. If people are becoming eviler every day, God didn’t make it so, we are the one who allowed it and we are the ones who can start making changes today.

” it is in the hands of men to shape the world into whatever they want it to be.”

When you build a house and gift it to someone, you are not expected to go ahead and start cleaning the house for the new owner. If the new owner wants to repaint it, he is free and if he wants to break the walls, expand it and build a bigger garage, it is his business and not yours. In the process of trying to expand it, he is responsible for any damage and should not hold you accountable. When he comes to you for help, you may still help out but it doesn’t make you the one in charge of that house. This is how this earth is. The Bible says in Psalm 115:16 “The highest heavens belong to the LORD, but the earth he has given to mankind.”

God created everything but God didn’t make Himself to be in absolute control of everything. He said, “…and LET them have dominion.” Do you know what the word “let” means? It means “allow” and so God was saying “we will allow the man to have dominion on earth. We will not dictate anything for him, the earth belongs to man.” So, if we are expecting God to come down to earth and take charge of everything, it will not happen because He designed the earth for man and because of the flaws of men, we are the ones mishandling the earth and we are the ones responsible for any damage on earth.

The Bible says in Genesis 2:15 “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” It is in this same way that God has given us the earth to take care of. God will not force us to keep our environment clean; He won’t preside over United Nations meetings and enforce certain measures so that we go green in this drastic period of climatic change. God will not force us to adapt to solar energy rather than burn fuels that damage the ozone layers. God created a perfect earth and gave us just everything we needed but sometimes in our curiosity, we seem to damage the earth in search of oil for energy while we have a super power supply called “sun” and “wind”.

“When you build a house and gift it to someone, you are not expected to go ahead and start cleaning the house for the new owner.”

God will not force us to change diet and eat good food so as to stay healthy. God will not force us to exercise our body and keep fit, He just won’t force us to clean our environments and prevent mosquito infections. We are the ones in charge and while miracles can always happen, we can’t depend on miracles because that is not how God wants the earth to operate. God created the earth and created the timings, so we must leave our comfort zones and keep contributing one thing or another to make the world better as much as we are in it.

When next people wonder why God allowed children to die of malaria because of mosquitoes, tell them that it wasn’t God’s duty to protect them, we are the ones in charge of this earth. When people wonder why God allowed the terrorists to kill other humans, tell them that it wasn’t God’s duty to make the earth a safe place, it is our duty. Of course, God will always come in when we call upon Him but in most cases, He will not force His way through. When Jesus came, He didn’t come as a Spirit being, He came as human because God respects His word and still recognizes the fact that this earth was given to human.

Even when people allow the devil to thrive on earth, the devil doesn’t thrive on his own for it is men that he uses to thrive. There is no record of the devil coming into the earth and wielding his sword to destroy men, it is men who have chosen not to align themselves with the will of God that gets used by the devil. It is through men that the devil rules in the lives of certain people. In Mathew 16:23, we saw Jesus rebuke the devil who was using Peter. The devil capitalizes on human weakness to use them.

“God will not force us to change diet and eat good food so as to stay healthy. “

When we understand the power God gave to us when He said “and let them have dominion” we will live more victoriously. There are ways we can rip the devil off his powers, at least around us and our neighbours. God never gave the devil power over men neither was the devil given the power to operate on the earth. It was man that gave the devil power.

When good men keep quiet, evil will thrive! Sometimes, we give the devil power by not walking in love, by not taking care of this earth the way we should and by living a very selfish life. When we don’t take care of our environment, it can become hazardous and people can die of infections. If we live a very wicked life and want to destroy people who disagree with us, we are allowing the devil uses the power bestowed on us against us. When we discriminate people because of gender, ethnicity, skin colour and language, we are giving the devil power using our weaknesses and errors.

If we can work in love, we can prevent evil to a very high degree and if we can take care of the little space we occupy on earth, we can give our children a better future. God will not run your business for you; He will give you ideas but will not run that idea for you! Don’t think prayer is enough, don’t think being religious is enough; God also requires that we use the strength He has given us to some extent.

While we await the coming of Jesus and the making of the new universe which God promised us, we can manage this earth and live with some degree of comfort and peace. If we want a better world, we can start by being better ourselves.

The Bible says that if God doesn’t protect a city, the security guards are employed in vain but God never suggests that people shouldn’t secure their environment! The Bible says that God gives people the power to make wealth! You’ve got the power but you are the one to go ahead and implement it. You are in charge of your world and whatever shape you want to give it is what it will look like. Don’t blame God for your misfortune, He already gave you dominion and charged you to exercise it.

“If we can work in love, we can prevent evil to a very high degree”

Go ahead and live!

~ George O.N

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