George's Diary

God is everywhere but God can be here. They are not the same kind of experience, they are never the same thing. There is an omnipresence of God and there is the manifest presence of God. We are always in His presence but there are times you know you are in His presence! God speaks every day, but there are those specific time and specific moments God speaks to you! These experiences are different, they cannot match! Whether in a brothel or coven, God is there but there is a level of God you can never experience until you are given to Him. This is why we have been separated unto God!

There are things that can undermine your experience of God’s manifest presence. To hear Him, you must listen and to experience Him to a greater degree you must be in fellowship with Him. There is always a place of waiting on God. You aren’t waiting on God because He is on leave and will be reporting back to the office this evening, you are right there with Him in fellowship. The interval between when you spoke and when He speaks back to you is the “waiting period.”

In the waiting period, God wants you to pause a bit, clear off yourself of your own assumptions, stay off the noise, get done with all your own judgment and be prepared for a fresh new perspective from God. Concerning waiting on God, the Bible says in Isaiah 40:31 “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not faint.

We wait on Him because we have exhausted our own strength and need an awakening to the strength of God available to us. When you are not awakened to the reality of something, you may never express it well. Yes, we know the Lord is here but we can doubt He is really here when we are not awakened to that reality. The difference between God’s omnipresence and manifest presence is the experience. There are certain things we know but we just need the experience to come to terms with knowledge. You don’t expect two men who went in to pray to come out with the same level of fulfilment when one heard God and one didn’t.

“We wait on Him because we have exhausted our own strength and need an awakening to the strength of God available to us. “

Sometimes we wonder why God must have us wait in His presence, why will He want us to stay there round the clock before He can drop that word? Truth is, God doesn’t just want us to sit there in the mode of inactivity. He enjoys our presence, He enjoys our fellowship and sometimes He would want you to sit there talking to Him, pouring yourself out, studying more of the scriptures and perhaps He comes in the middle of a verse and tell you “just hang on there!” You hang on, stay on the verse and He throws light on it and says to your Spirit “this is exactly what I have been waiting for you to see!”

At other times, God just wants you to sit there in His presence and enjoy the aura of that moment. It may be in the midst of quietness. He may not even want you to be reading or praying, He just wants you to be silent in meditation as the noise of life gets faded in time. Two persons can be waiting in two different manners but the most important thing is that you wait and expect Him. The problem is that we are too fast to wait. We don’t want to fellowship with God, we just want a quick fix and we see God as an ATM that we only visit when we want to make a withdrawal. He is a person and He wants fellowship. Just like a man enjoys the presence of His lover even without the utter of words, God enjoys you. When you sit to pray or just have some time with Him, don’t be in a hurry. Many times we hurry out of answers but it isn’t just about answers alone, we hurry out of an opportunity to experience Him as we have never done.

There are yet times waiting on God doesn’t mean locking yourself in a corner to pray or keep quiet. Sometimes it can also mean pausing that proposal, project or vision for a while until you receive instruction on what to do. There are times you may want to fly but God wants you to run and there are times you may want you to walk but God wants you to fly. However, God may not give you an instruction immediately because He wants you to have certain kinds of experience before you act on His instruction. These periods are also waiting periods, you could be working in your office but you are waiting, you could be going out on a date but you are waiting and you could be writing your new book and yet you are waiting on the Lord.

“There are times you may want to fly but God wants you to run and there are times you may want you to walk but God wants you to fly. “

It is possible to be in a place physically and yet be emotionally absent, it is also possible for God to be here and you are not spiritually here because your mind is on something else. You may be praying for a direction but your mind isn’t on God but solely on that direction; God wants your focus to be on Him first and therefore He might have you to wait. Sometimes, it takes time to disconnect from our daily experiences, to disconnect from the rush and disconnect from the heartbreaks we just experienced a few days ago. In these situations God wants you to “Be still, and know that I am God” – Psalm 46:10

When we start waiting on God, we suddenly realize that we turning down the volume of our flesh and increasing the volume of our Spirit. Waiting can be difficult especially when we have trained our body to get used to busyness or when we are in a haste to check that notification, answer that call or check the email because we are expecting a contract! But you can start off gradually, you can’t just shut off in a flash but you can learn and improve with time.

Waiting is basically not just about staying at one corner to pray, it is also about building a close relationship with God. Relationship with God is the only essence of waiting. Just like every lover, God wants your attention. Sometimes, when our loved ones call and say they need money, we may be able to transfer the money to them but sometimes we want them to come around, spend some time with us and then receive the money from our hands. While there are levels of revelations we may be able to catch in just a few minutes of reading the word of God, there are depths we can never reach when we do not pause and take time to wait on God. There are words only waiters can receive because they are the ones that can communicate it correctly.

We wait because our hope is in Him.

“Wait for the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the LORD” – Psalm 27:14

“Therefore we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, yet our inner self is being renewed day by day.”

– 2 Corinthians 4:16

~ George O.N

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