THE BURNING BUSH | When men are on fire!

There is something about the burning bush experience that Moses had. When a bush or any material is burning, the fire is sustained by whatever is burning but come to think of it, the bush was on fire but the bush was not the sustaining power for that fire! The fire was just burning and yet the fire was sustaining itself!

Kai! This is the mystery of the Holy Spirit!

You are not the one sustaining the fire of the Holy Spirit! The question is, are you ready to burn? Are you available to be the instrument on which God’s fire keeps burning into generations? The fire of the Holy Spirit is self-sustaining, it doesn’t grow stale, it doesn’t grow old… It is always oven fresh!

Hei… Hei… Listen to me,

If you are ready to burn, open up yourself and allow the fire of the Holy Spirit to burst out of you! Your oil cannot sustain it, you have been anointed by the Holy Spirit Himself and all He needs you to do is to go ahead and burn!

When you come across that sick person, stop negotiating if this one needs medical attention or not, go ahead and give what you have first! Peter said to the man who sat by the beautiful gate “I’ve got no money or drugs to give you but I’ve got the anointing, I’ve got the fire, I’ve got the power of the Holy Spirit working inside of me… I’ve got the healing anointing! Now, take it! Rise and walk!”

That is how to burn!

When you are walking on the road and God tells you “lead that boy or girl to me” don’t be scared! Your flesh may be shy but your Spirit is bold! Switch off the flesh and switch on the Spirit. You may not feel like it because the flesh is weak but your Spirit is willing, your Spirit is ever ready to respond to God!

Be stubborn to that flesh, it may not want to go but it is not the Master and therefore it has no say here. Drag that body to the mission and when you get to that boy or girl, you say to him or her “hey dear! God sent me to you! He wants you right here and now!” Come on, this thing is not child play!

In Acts 8:26-40, Philips was on his own and God’s word came to him saying “rise and go towards the South, to the road that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” This road is a desert area, Philip could have argued with God saying

“Is anything happening there? What is important about that dessert?”

But no! Philip was a man committed to service! He wasn’t serving two masters and he must have said to God “Yes Sir! Anywhere you lead me, I go. I’ve got no choice.” Philip moved immediately and guess what he saw? A court official, a staff to the Queen of Ethiopia and this man was returning from Jerusalem, he had gone for service. He was reading the book of Isaiah and the Spirit said to Philip “this is why I sent you here. Go and join him on his chariot!”

What? God, are you kidding me? Are you serious? Is that how you look for your own trouble? This would have been my question to God. But this wasn’t Philip’s question to God. He went ahead, against the possible unwillingness of his flesh and Philip approached him without any high and magnified salutation. Philip was going on the command of the King of Kings, He was going with an authority superior to any authority! This consciousness gave him so much boldness. And he asked the learned government official “do you understand what you are reading?”

See, when that fire is burning! Fear flies out! Imagine Philip, a supposed illiterate, asking a government official if he understands what he is reading. But this is where I love the court official so much. He expressed so much humility, he didn’t look down at the commoner who came on foot! And he responded, “how can I understand it except someone teaches me?”

This man admitted that he needed a teacher, he had the scroll right there but it wasn’t making any sense to him. It can only make sense with the Holy Spirit. He was reading Isaiah 53:7 and Philip started teaching him what that place talked about. It was about Jesus! Philip preached Jesus to a man who he was just meeting and this man in all humility shouted to Philip when they got to a place that had water saying “here is water! What would prevent me from getting baptized?” After Philip had baptized the court official, the Spirit of God carried Philip away and the court official couldn’t see him again.

This is how to burn!

Moses never saw that fire for nothing! It was in the place of encountering that fire that God sent him on a mission that changed the entire story of this world. We aren’t just looking at the burning bush, we are the burning men! The fire is on you already if you are a believer full of the Holy Spirit! What are you waiting for?

How many times has God asked you to preach on the bus and declare healing over the sick and you chickened out? How many times have you passed someone and God gave you a word for that person and you chickened out? Revival is you recognizing God’s power in you and going ahead to express it!

The fire of the Holy Spirit hasn’t grown stale, it is still burning! God wants it hot, He doesn’t want it lukewarm. When He asks you to go and it seems the flesh is loud, shut it off by getting to a corner and speaking in tongues! When you pray in tongues, you are building up yourself! There is always this shot of strength that comes up when you pray in tongues! When the flesh seems loud, speak the language of the Spirit and move in the might of the Spirit.

Stop stumbling into the flesh all the time, you stumble into the flesh when you start thinking of what your friends will say, besides, if your friends are the ones who will discourage you from burning, run from them!

The Bible says you’ve got no deal with the darkness. Remember I told us some days ago that we had Darkexit and it was a no-deal exist! Don’t let anything come between you and your mission. Stand bold like Peter and live for Jesus.

Burn in your office, burn in your school, burn in your street… Burn everywhere! Be popular for that fire of God that burns in you without getting you burnt out! He is the one sustaining the fire, your own part is to burn!


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