JUSTIFIED BY FAITH | Alive! Daily Devotional

JUSTIFIED BY FAITH | Alive! Daily Devotional

Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

– Romans 5:1

A lot of people believe God is at war with them, they believe God is responsible for all their failures and all their misfortunes. They believe that God is responsible for the health issue they are having, they believe God is punishing them for those things they were unable to do right. Some people believe that God is peddling the law of karma but truth is, law of karma has nothing to do with God, it exist nowhere around God! Your mistakes may affect your experience tomorrow but God isn’t at war with you! He is not even seeing your issues as much as you are seeing them! Get this:

1. Your justification is through faith.

2. In Jesus, you have peace with God.

To be justified means to be made right with God. God made us right with himself by the reason of what He did with Jesus on the cross. If God was ever angry with man, it was settled on the cross! The first thing to note is that we aren’t justified by works and therefore we cannot work for the peace of God! We are justified by faith and so we have peace with God by faith. Our peace with God isn’t of our own making but through Jesus Christ who is our Lord. Jesus is our peace and therefore we can come to God in great confidence knowing that the fight is over, what God sees about today is what He saw about Jesus.


In Matthew 3:17, God referred to Jesus as His beloved son in whom He is well pleased. What this implies is that by the reason of adoption, we have also become God’s beloved sons and He is very well pleased with us. To be beloved isn’t “to be loved” but to be “so much and dearly loved!” God loves us so dearly not because of what we are able to do right but because our trust is in Him and He is able to keep us!


I have peace with God because I have been reconciled to Him in Christ Jesus.


Thank you dear Lord for saving me even when I am not worthy. Thank you for the joy and peace you brought to my heart. Amen.

Alive! Daily Devotional is a new project on George’s Diary. Stay inspired and enhanced every day with reflections, points to note, affirmations and prayers strongly rooted in God’s word. It’s simple, straight to the point and inspiring! There are peace and comfort readily available in God’s word for you!
~ George O.N

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