REVIEW: Raped At Seventeen

Raped At Seventeen by George Onyedikachukwu Nnadozie
Shittu Adetola Johnson
ICT Consultant | Event Planner | Estate Management | Writer


“I cried reading this story”Shittu Adetola

RAPE is one of the most degrading, devastating emotional events that can happen to a person! Many people tried to DENY they were raped by keeping it a SECRET but repressing an attack simply DELAYS the healing process.

This young man story hit some raw nerves in me. I found my self clenching and un-clenching my fists in maternal despair.

He forgave his abusers but deep in my heart I don’t wish them well for the corruption and trauma they dealt to him at his young age.

He was barely a child!

What is wrong with people?
Why so much vile and horrible people out there?
The world is full of evil. WATCH OUT!

Shittu Adetola Johnson, Lagos Nigeria

ICT Consultant | Event Planner | Estate Management | Writer


Well written, balanced, easy to read and touching story.

Victor Ayeni

I applaud your bravery in sharing such experience that many men would prefer to take to the grave with them. I recommend your book for every teenager, especially male.

For too long a time, in the battle against sexual assault, the male gender has been unfairly marginalized, misrepresented and ignored. That’s why news reports of male sexual assault seldom elicits public sympathy; because the society has constructed a false cage of masculinity and have expected every male to stay in it.

To write on male rape as you did, rather than igniting outrage against sexual predators, is usually met with deriding remarks like “You must have enjoyed it if you didn’t scream or fight him off” or “You are just a sissy to have laid down and allowed this happened.” And perhaps the worst of all: “You must have seduced them in some way.”

Some psychologists have stated that the way a guy will relate to other men is often circumscribed on their relationship with their own fathers. I like the fact that you provided that detail in your story; the complicated relationship you had with your father ostensibly dictated the “weak” response you showed towards the violation. Again, male sexual abuse is usually about power; a man dominating another man by the force of his personality, class, age and authority. These sex predators saw your fear, naivety and vulnerability and decided to take an advantage of them to sexually prey on you.

Your story also refutes the myth that male sexual abuse makes one gay. Some experts point out that the response of a victim to an abuse will tell the quality of life he will live — whether the abuse makes him hardened or weakened. When people respond to abuse with hate, anger, fantasies and retaliation, it actually pushes them to that very act that they were introduced to.

Some ignorant people often wonder what could make a victim of rape still hang around the individual who violated them. Your experience proves again that many rape victims pass through different stages of denial, shame, regret and self-created amnesia. These are can be defensive mechanisms people use to shield traumatic experiences.

Finally, I believe the Christian faith gave you the strength in your trying time and God helped you forgive your abusers. I personally know guys who experienced what you did, who didn’t fare well. Please keep up the good work.

Victor Ayeni

Researcher | Writer | Satirist | Nature lover | Intuitive.

“Such an expository stuff on this delicate matter. Our society need to do more and parents need to be more observant and the kids should be well thought the about it”

– Oyebanji Segun, Lagos Nigeria


“Really a brave move coming out of the closet of sexual victimization and rape to tell your story. Especially in a society where rape is a taboo to mention, much less report of being a victim!”

The scorn and absolute chastisement and condemnation of the victim by the society is just as grave as the actual sexual assault on the victim, hence raped and dehumanized all over again!

Thank God for the few in the present generation who have taken up the mantle of resistance to fight and push back against those haunting voices to ensure rape and sexually assaulted people’s voices are heard loud and clear.

Most homes harbour such sexual predators and paedophiles hence, would always intimidate their victims not to speak out. Family members and friends are also enablers of this evil vice. But their time of reckonings is fast approaching in Nigeria, where these culprits will be picked up by the law enforcement officers and tried by the judicial system and sentenced duly.

When that comes, persons found guilty will have their names in public libraries, local government offices, televised as sex, rape, paedophilia offenders! Neighbours will be furnished with the names of such predators so that they’re mindful of their kids around such individuals in the neighbourhoods.

When such drastic actions are taken against these demoniacs, they might start ruling over their predatory desires.

Once again I commend the gentleman on this brave move to disclose his past.

Asas Richardson, Las Vegas, Nevada

Raped At Seventeen by George Nnadozie Onyedikachukwu

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