Failure sometimes isn’t entirely a bad thing! We often attribute it to the devil but what if God orchestrated it? Or do you think that our loving God can never ever make someone fail? I would rather have God make me fail for His right reasons than to have the devil cheer me to success! The truth is that all that glitters may not be gold as coated jewellery shines brighter than gold but lacks the very qualities that make golds treasurable. Not all success is for good, they may even be distractions to awesome things ahead of you.

Joseph might have considered it a great testimony when Potiphar put him in charge of everything he had! Yes, that promotion came from God but God never intended that Joseph would remain in it! The devil wanted to take advantage of it. When Potiphar’s wife came with an offer, it would have looked like a success if Joseph fell for it. Joseph would have slept with Potiphar’s wife and still not get caught and he would have enjoyed amazing favours courtesy of the wife of Potiphar!

On the other hand, when Joseph stood his ground for the sake of God, it would have been expected that God would grant him an instant promotion! If Joseph had not fled from Potiphar’s wife, he wouldn’t have been thrown to the prison and if he wasn’t thrown into the prison, he wouldn’t have met the Chief cupbearer of Pharoah through whom God made a connection! Later on, Joseph became the highest authority in Egypt coming second only to Pharoah himself. Technically, he shared equal glory and power with Pharoah.

Well, because of where God wanted to take him to, God allowed his accusers to get at him, God allowed him to be thrown into jail. The shocking thing is that he stayed in Prison for about 10 years or more. While it might have been considered a failure, it was God’s orchestration to bring him to the place He wants him to be. When God is behind your failure, then it is just a route to success. The beautiful thing is that even when the devil causes you to fail, sometimes, God changes the game and turn it for your lifting.

The problem is that many times we don’t realize this and we spend all the time we have mourning closed doors. Those who keep mourning a closed door may never ever realize that there is another door behind them. Often times we don’t notice the ways God has opened before us just because we are still focused on a closed door hoping that someday it would open.

Sometimes, God closes certain doors to protect us from making grave mistakes. Some people are mourning a dead relationship but if they had gone ahead with that relationship they would have ended up with a beast! Some people are mourning a dead business but they don’t know they might have lost all they had if the business progressed to the next phase! Some people are crying over a disappointment but they don’t know there might have been serious distractions with that appointment.

I think we should reduce the amount of time we spend crying over things that never worked and I think we should always discern to know when God is actually saying “I am only protecting you and giving you an opportunity to make a better decision.”

Sometimes, that failure is not from the devil. Sometimes failure is not a bad thing and sometimes it may be the only way we can succeed. Sometimes, God orchestrates it to get back our attention to the real thing! God can close a nice door to get our attention to the better door! Sometimes God can block a road that leads to death just to ensure that we continue in life. There are times you may have to stop forcing it to happen! When God is behind your failure, it is a set up for success!

God bless you.

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