Your biggest enemy of progress may never really be that enemy of yours who goes about slandering your name or that friend of yours who follow you about discouraging you in doing things you are already gifted to do. Your enemy of progress may not be that boss who keeps denying you the promotions due to you in the office. They could have some effects on your progress anyway but your biggest enemy of progress is likely your past, the things behind you that you aren’t ready to let go.

The speed of a chart will keep lessening as long as you keep supplementing loads to its back. Sometimes there are no obstacles before us withholding us from walking into the next level, sometimes there are no mountains before us that it too high for us to climb! The problem at times is that we have refused to unhook the anchor, we have refused to release the unprofitable loads behind our chart, we have refused to disentangle ourselves from the past or maybe we are still tied to the mountain we just climbed. Have you truly asked yourself why you aren’t moving on? While things before you can block your path, things behind you can truly hold you back and seldom draw you back.

What are those things behind you? What is that thing that you are still tied to? You are still tied to your ex? How do you expect to build a good rapport with another? It could be resentment or frustration that you have kept mourning to the point that you never discerned there is more ahead of you. It could be unforgiveness that has slowed you down with the baggage of the past! 

Regrettably, we constantly look at the negatives but what is holding you could also be the big accomplishments of the past! Some people are still relishing the euphoria of the past that they never realize there is more ahead of them, they keep reminiscing the big feats of yesterday that they forget there is still more to do today. There is a big giant for every moment and at each moment we must deal with each giant! That David killed the Lion never stopped him from slaying Goliath. The only thing our past should do for us is to stimulate us and inspire us for the task ahead, we shouldn’t keep partying over yesterday’s antiquities that we allow the combatants of today catch up with us unexpectedly.

It could also be an unresolved issue in the past that will stand up against us in the future. It is time to deal with and forget whatever is behind us! The more we keep looking back, the more we are not able to move forward. Until we let go of the past, we cannot move on. Lot’s wife looked back and she settled at the back for the rest of her life. Why not let go of that resentment, those friends who disparage you or the glories of the past successes? Champions today can become losers tomorrow unless they are prepared for the battles of tomorrow. How can you prepare for tomorrow when you spent all of today celebrating the victories of yesterday? More wins don’t come from the past, they come from your readiness to run ahead.

Look ahead, the future isn’t just brighter, it is beautiful. Why don’t you come on, let us take a walk together to that beautiful future? You don’t enter into tomorrow by cruising back to yesterday. We can’t have a beautiful view of where we are going to when you are converged on the awesomeness or the ugliness of yesterday. Have you ever seen the end of the rainbow? As long as you have not seen the end, as long as you haven’t gotten hold of that rainbow, keep walking towards it. While you walk, appreciate the views, savour the fruits you see around, relish the beauty of the natures you pass but keep passing them and keep walking ahead because there are still astounding views ahead of you!

Remember, the future is brighter and beautiful. Never let the big and small things of yesterday hold you back.

God bless you.

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