I am not invariably into celebrities but the rare moments I have written about them, I was touched in my heart to do so. I sense a need to do so as regards to Kanye West’s Sunday Services.

There have been talks about Kanye West’s conviction, his weekly “Sunday Services”, his talks about Jesus and the change He has brought to his life. Oh well, I don’t want to sound so specific but I know one thing for sure, there is nothing about darkness that desires to bring glory to God. Satan will never champion praises to God as it is not in his nature to do so. Jesus said something in Luke 19:40

“If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

I don’t know how much we are doing for the kingdom, I don’t know how far our arguments, judgmental inclinations and hypocrisies have taken us to when it comes to fulfilling God’s purpose! We often look down on young men with pierced ears, nose and tattooed arms. We look down on several people because they don’t do what we do, they don’t live how we live and perhaps they don’t do what we do on Sundays. Various ways with which we want to declare God isn’t how God wants us to declare Him. We ought to look at what Jesus did and how He did them. He didn’t take it lightly with the religious folks and most of the people He handpicked weren’t religious people but people who were regarded as commoners and uneducated fellows. When they call them uneducated fellows, they also meant that these guys weren’t educated in the Torah.

Watch what Kanye’s Sunday Service looks like

Our criticisms, judgments and neglects have not done so much for us and God! I don’t know if we have been so quiet but I am sure God is still in action! The same way He arrested Paul without having any preacher come to him, God is also arresting a lot of people out there; people with influence and people without initial influence. He is catching them for Himself, transforming their lives and modelling them to the world to His glory. I can’t say I know all of Kanye’s motivations, I can’t say I know what is going on with every single one of these celebrities who are suddenly coming up and declaring Jesus to the world but I am sure that God is at work! He is raising stones to cry out His name and praise Him.

These things are happening in the days of Church of Satan, in the days of modern and digital persecutions, in the days where politics and even democracy is becoming a weapon of persecution against believers in Christ Jesus but then we keep seeing God’s victory moving with such speed, capturing the hearts of many with His love.

Let me tell you something…

God is raising people that we never expected anything good from! We can’t question God on this. They may still appear like they don’t worth it, they may still look very unqualified but God is not man, He doesn’t look at those things we call standards, He doesn’t judge morals as we judge it! The gospel says in John 1:12,3:16

“As many as have received Him, to them He gave the power to become the sons of God!… Whosoever believes shall not perish…”

Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard

Anyone who believes will not perish, it doesn’t matter how that person started, it doesn’t matter how much they have lived in the world, it doesn’t matter the career path they have chosen! The qualification is simple and it says “anyone who believes!” Anyone would be you, me, or perhaps Kanye West! And again, Jesus said that as many as have received Him, they have been empowered to become God’s children! They are sons and can take responsibility if they want to. So, about Kanye, Nicki or just anybody declaring the name of Jesus to the world, they are responsible enough as believers in Christ to do so! We may want to judge them with our standards but we will be shocked if we see how God’s heart is towards them.

We are in the days where people say they are believers, they cheat, fornicate, gossip and hate on people but they feel they are so good because “they don’t drink or smoke.” They go ahead to condemn a smoker who says “I believe in Jesus” as unqualified! God sees differently and if God shall mark our weaknesses, none will stand!

You see these people you think are not worth it, people like “Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez…” and still counting… God can raise kingdom armies with them and their likes. It may never look like your kind of Christianity but the transformation is gradually progressing! Have you read the story of Jonah? God loved the people of Nineveh and was looking for a way to get them saved. He sent Jonah but Jonah hated these people, they weren’t like him, they weren’t as moral as him and they did things differently! Jonah didn’t want them saved, he didn’t want them to be counted among God’s children and when God finally turned them to Himself, Jonah was so angry! This is how many believers are, they look at Nicki and say “Oh! How does she talk about Jesus when she is naked all the time?” I think it is her business with God and I believe God transforms people patiently and kindly!

I don’t see their public confessions of Jesus as a mere joke, the devil would want us to deny Jesus! Even if satan manifests as an angel of light, his aim isn’t to bring glory to God. So, about Kanye West Sunday Services? It is something he is currently organizing for his family and close friends; a way of getting them to praise God with him and have an experience of healing that comes from God. This is never what Church is all about but this can also be God’s way of bringing people to Himself. Jesus fed more than five thousand people but that wasn’t what His mission was all about. At least, many are opening up to the praise of our God and it is evolving into something bigger and better! God takes His time to perfect His plans, He patiently uses people from scratch and perfects their capacities.

You may not like how it sounds, you may ask “who is his mentor? When did he get saved? Who laid hands on him?” You can’t understand this thing called “spiritual encounter” until you experience it! The experience of Jesus is greater than any laying on of hands! Paul experienced Jesus as Saul and transformed from a terrorist to a preacher of the gospel! Paul was not chosen by any man, God chose him all by Himself! (Galatians 1:1) Paul later wrote in 1 Corinthians 1:27

“But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong.”

It may seem foolish, how God starts with people may seem unwise but God’s foolishness is greater than all the wisdom in this world put together. Everybody is a possible vessel, whether it be of gold, clay or plastic, God can use it! We can’t question God’s wisdom on this! I may have no answers to how these things happen… But one thing I know is that God in His wisdom is saving the world in His way! This is all I can say. Jesus is being glorified!

You and I may not be the expected audience of Kanye’s Sunday Service! Some people may have to begin from there and the experience of Jesus they would have may push them to seek for more! I know that my Sundays are dedicated to learning God’s word but it didn’t start from there. I remember someone saying in our Church meeting “music brought me to Jesus but the word kept me!” Do you see that? What Kanye is doing may not benefit you but there are people it is opening up to a fresh new experience of God!

Truly, we may not expect so much of biblical accuracy from Kanye because he is displaying his faith using his own experiences of God. But this is how it begins for everybody, it is also a great pathway through which God teaches Him and others more and more of Himself. Instead of looking for loopholes, looking for signs that suggest certain theories, why not pray for these people? Why not stand for them in the place of prayers? If we are truly concerned about celebrities who profess Jesus while we have some doubts, what we should do isn’t criticize or condemn them! We rather get on our knees for their sake! But take note of this, whether you pray for them or not, whether you like them or not, nothing can change God’s love for them and if God wants to conquer nations with anybody, you cannot stop Him.

There are people God could reach through me, but not through you and there are also people God would reach through Kanye West but not through Billy Graham! Never forget the words of Paul in Philippians 1:15,18

“It’s true that some are preaching out of jealousy and rivalry. But others preach about Christ with pure motives… But that doesn’t matter. Whether their motives are false or genuine, the message about Christ is being preached either way, so I rejoice. And I will continue to rejoice.”

Even if some people rise to talk about Jesus without pure motives, Jesus is being preached and all we can do is rejoice! I don’t know what Kanye’s motives are, I don’t know the motives of other celebrities! I don’t even know your motives but one thing I know is that Jesus is being preached. No publicity is bad publicity! I rejoice! I rejoice for Kanye West’s Sunday services and he is in my prayers just like Justin, Nicki, Selena and all others are in my prayers.

What do you think about Kanye’s Sunday Service?

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