Every man is hungry for the experience of God. Every man who believes that there is God wants to experience him in a way that is more convincing, they want to feel God’s tangible presence, they want to be able to serve the God they know. This is the hunger in the heart of the Israelites when they demanded a God they can see. They have experienced miracles and mighty acts of God but they weren’t satisfied, they wanted much more than just those things they witnessed, they wanted to be able to relate to God on a personal level. Moses was the only one who to some extent, had the experience they were looking for.

Even those who claim not to believe in God want to have this experience. People fast, pray, give to charity and stay secluded just to know if they can spark off experience with God. We always want to feel beyond the natural, there is a thing in man that yearns for a spiritual touch, there is a part of man that seeks answers, answers that are out of this world. Many inventions are products of man’s search for the supernatural. We want to know God more than what we can find in people’s testimonies. It is normal, everyone has this hunger to some degree.

Well, when people seek these experiences and never find any, they give up and declare that there is no God. They know there is a superpower, they know there is something very powerful which put the world in the order it is, which made it possible that most creatures would evolve as male and female, which made it possible that there must be an agreement or encounter between two opposite sex to reproduce. They know reproduction isn’t a possibility by accident, they know that the order in this world, the organisation of living beings, the accurate timing of this world are all products of something super-intelligent but they just don’t know who this intelligent person is, they just don’t know how to find him and they also don’t believe any man can just come and make claims to be the almighty God or the son of God.

However, God’s presence can be tangible. It’s one level to know that God is here, it is another level to see that God is here. Nothing is as beautiful as God’s tangible presence. No experience matches the experience of God coming to you in such a tangible way that you could almost reach out and touch him. The Bible says that Moses saw the back of God. Literally speaking, Moses only saw a manifestation of God, we can’t say this is how God is or that is how God is. The tangible appearances of God to men only come in forms they can decode, not necessarily the explicit way God is.

One man may have seen a tall man in a white robe with face shinning in white lights that cannot be looked upon. Another may see a man who never ceases to smile, whose arms are always open and reaching out. These are all forms that God may choose to appear to certain people. Some would even say they saw a huge man with the head of a lion crowned with diamonds. God may choose to manifest in metaphors because our physical mind can never decode Spiritual things… They must be broken down to physical forms so that we can’t grasp it a bit.

God is everywhere but I believe there are levels to our experience of God, there are levels to how we can perceive God’s presence. As huge as that hunger of physical visitations of God or even angels are, we will always be frustrated if we want to depend on an emotional experience of God. Those experiences may help in building our faith temporary to some extent but satan can also manifest as an angel of light to give us the feeling we are looking for, he can even speak like how we suppose God to speak. He can quote the scriptures, take up forms that we expect but add a very subtle lie into borrowed truths.

Look at various religion of this world, they were all founded by men who had one form of encounter with Spirits or another. These spirits claim to be Angels of light but have one thing in common. They all agree to the “harmless” parts of the Bible; that is, parts of the Bible that does not speak of the divine nature of Christ, parts of the Bible that doesn’t speak of salvation in Christ alone, parts of the Bible they could easily twist to promote self-righteousness, to infuse fear, to instil the consciousness of sin and to further keep man in the circus of religion, a religion that is full of questions, speculations but no answer.

Our desperation to have angelic visitations can be met by the devil. The desperation to reach some gnostic level can be met by the devil, he can expose you to certain spiritual ideas that unlock your mind to the supernatural, a supernatural that isn’t God’s will for you. He came to Eve and deceived Eve with a gnostic promise, the promise of gaining superior knowledge. However, every knowledge that the devil brings to you, is a kind of knowledge that shifts your hunger from seeking God to glorifying self. It will either make you feel you’ve arrived or make you feel it’s going to be by your efforts. Whichever way, he will get to you through your soft spot.

For example, the devil will get the religious person by enriching them with moralistic ideas that hinge salvation on human works. This is where you see people who believe that makeups, clothing and other stuff will take people to hell. The devil is satisfied with such ignorance, he finds pleasure in seeing people wallow in such ignorance. Another way; the devil will get the open-minded by introducing liberal ideas, ideas that makes one seem so wise but foolish. Ideas that would make you start questioning Jesus, the idea of universalism and so on. The devil has just one common goal, to keep you away from the truth. He can either drag you to the extreme left or extreme right depending on your position.

However, there is a way to stand firm! Read my previous article (The Whole Armour) for more insight into this, it is also available as a video teaching. This is what believers wrestle against, we wrestle against the deceit of the enemy. We stand firm when we don’t rely on our experiences when we don’t rely on mere emotional encounters, some of which are hallucinations. God can be known by his word, when we stay in the place of the word, we keeping knowing him even more intimately. The word of God is enough, it may not feel like it but stay there and keep feeding on the word.

It is like taking supplements, supplements don’t work in an instance. There are supplements you may have to take for one year before you start seeing it’s effect. Let all you hunger and passion to know more and more of God be channelled to the word of God. Don’t get carried away when people tell stories of Angelic visitations, stories of how they were praying and God came knocking on their door. It is their experience and not yours, just keep loving the Lord, keep enjoying fellowship and the current level God would have you fellowship with him. Stay there as long as he would want you to stay.

God’s word is like a supplement, the more you take it, the more it makes you better. You’ll begin to experience God’s tangible presence when you unlock your mind using God’s word. When you stay there long enough, you’ll grow from knowing God to have much more experience of him.

Do you want to see God? Is that your heart cry? Have you been fasting, praying and crying for an experience? That is amazing but God isn’t playing hide and seek, he already exposed himself and we find him in the word. Stay in the word, do the word and pray the word.

Every new day, you’ll find yourself functioning in a higher dimension of knowledge and experience. Jesus said “blessed are they who believe without seeing”. For me, I think that blessedness lies in the beauty of knowing God via his word and not via our limited physical experiences, experiences that truly don’t define the personality of God.


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