Picture: At Princess’s Birthday

“For a child is born to us, a son is given to us…” – Isaiah 9:6 NLT

It is Christmas season. It’s that time of the year again when people shop like never before, when people want to be in the best of fashion, when people want to showcase all they’ve been up to throughout the year. In Onitsha Main Market, one of the largest markets in West Africa, you would hardly access the market because of the massive influx of people who wants to do their Christmas shopping. Just before you join this rush wherever in the world you are, I’ve got a few words for you.

Life isn’t coming to an end, it is just the year winding up, making way for the new year. In the real sense of it, things are the same, only numbers are changing. The same season in which 2019 ends is what 2020 will begin with. Why rush as though it’s a race out of Earth to a new planet where the sands are made of gold? Why spend as though God told you that your soul will be required of you this night? Even if that is your case, why not leave an inheritance for your children?

2019 is not over yet, we still have few more days to vacate 2019. However, whatever you couldn’t achieve from January to November, don’t try rushing to finish it in December. Whatever luxury you couldn’t afford from January to November, why force yourself to have it this December? It’s only the end of the year and not the end of life. 2020 is a continuation of whatever 2019 represented. It’s the same world, it’s the same body, it’s just number that changed!

Don’t spend all you have as though you’ve got only a few more days to live. Remember, January is always a time for fresh bills… Jesus brought peace, Jesus brought salvation which was sealed by the Holy Spirit. One of the fruits of the Spirit is contentment. It is not Jesus that we are celebrating in lack of contentment.

It should be Christ-mas and not your-mas. We should be celebrating Christ and not you! Take your time, let it be a moment of sober reflections, let it be a time of rest. While others are showcasing what they truly don’t have, show what you’ve got and that is Jesus! Jesus is enough! If you’ve got something to share with friends and family, that’s beautiful! But if you’ve got less or none, don’t pressure yourself. Use this holiday to bond with your family even more deeply, use it as a time of retreat and planning for the new year. Only a few days after Christmas, businesses will start as usual!

If truly this celebration is about Jesus and not you, then it should not be about getting new clothes, buying a new car, going for a vacation to expensive places or spending on luxuries just to prove a point. If it’s about Jesus, you’ll make it about him.


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