So many times, people find it hard to let go of a toxic relationship because of the supposed good times they spent together!

What is good about the time you spent with a toxic person? What is good about the times you spent with someone who wants to be in charge of your life but never ever accounts for his own life to you? What is good about being with the one who beats the heavens out of you and gives you a taste of hell even before the supposed damnation?

Many times, the excuses people give for being in such relationships are flimsy and unsubstantiated. Some would say “he is really a lovely person just that he doesn’t control his temper.” Excuse me, what is lovely about someone who has no control over his or her temper? What is lovely about a toxic person?

How do you know a toxic person? The moment you start feeling your partner is toxic, there is a probability that he or she is probably toxic. If it was all good, you wouldn’t be seeing reasons to think you are in a toxic relationship.

I have written previously on how to know that you are in a toxic relationship, you may want to look at it. I have also written with details on how to deal with toxic relationships. When you don’t deal with it now, it will definitely deal with you.

People die in the hands of abusers because “it is not easy to separate emotions from reasoning”. Do you do business with an incompetent person just because you find him attractive? Do you ask an engineer to perform surgery on you just because the both of you had a good time together? This is the same way we shouldn’t let people treat us as if we are nothing and abuse us no matter how we feel about them!

Before you let emotions cloud your sense of reasoning, you need to understand that not every reason is reasonable. Take charge of your emotions, be in control of it and you’ll see yourself seeing clearly and making better decisions. You are free to feel what you feel but you should do what is right regardless of how you feel.

Majority of people who are in abusive and toxic relationships stay in it because of low self-esteem. Low self-esteem makes you think little of yourself, it makes you think that people are doing you a favour for accepting to be with you.

Those who have good self-esteem will always walk away from abusive relationships because they know that they are worth more than this. They will ALWAYS walk away because they know “I am better than this…”

Those with low self-esteem feel “if not him, can I find someone else who will love me?” They always feel so unworthy of love, they see no reason why they should be valued and they stay in that abusive and toxic relationship believing that they deserve it.

If you can listen to me, walk away from that abusive relationship now! Don’t give any more chances! You are better than this! You are loveable and there are people “dying” to be with you and willing to “worship” you!


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