For the records,
I believe in absolute loyalty. It has to be absolute to be loyalty.

If it is wavering, it is not loyalty. It has to be unwavering to be loyalty. If there are degrees of doubt, it is not loyalty. Loyalty has to be born of faith! If it depends on how you feel, it is not loyalty. Loyalty doesn’t play to feelings because you can be displeased or even removed from a position and still remain loyal! If it depends on his/her ability to do what pleases you, it is not loyalty.

As a human, you may not be perfect in your display of loyalty but loyalty will always admit faults and try to make it better. Peter and Judas were similar in crime; yes, Judas betrayed Jesus for money or anger (ask me a question on this and I will answer) and Peter denied Jesus out of fear! See the difference?

Peter realized himself and was willing to give himself another chance but Judas was ashamed of himself and was not willing to bear the shame. Judas may not even have known he wasn’t a loyal fellow, he may not even have known that what kept him in the fold was because he was allowed to keep stealing from the purse!

Judas was the only disciple of Jesus who enjoyed salary. Not that Jesus placed him on salary, he placed himself on it. Following a man simply because he drops something will definitely stop when he stops dropping something. Loyalty means, if the ship is sinking and we’ve got only one lifeboat, we will stay in the ship together and figure a way through it.

A loyal person can act disloyally in response to a weakness which may be fear, hunger and so on but at the end, he or she will always come back to their senses, make amend and even learn from their mistake to be better. This differentiated Peter from Judas. Had it been that Jesus permitted him to fight, he wouldn’t betray Jesus.

No vision has ever been successful without loyalty and even the ministry of Jesus ran and progressed on the wings of men’s loyalty. David thrived and survived because there were people willing to be with him at all cost. These men were ready to have their heads on the floor for the sake of the message. That is loyalty.

Before you accuse me of encouraging “disloyalty”, read my messages, read all of them and understand them. Don’t blame me for your lack of comprehension.

This is where many have a problem with me…

I teach the importance of discernment even in the act of loyalty. I believe that our ultimate loyalty is to Christ and in this regard, it is not wrong to ask questions, it is not wrong to go back and study everything your Pastor has taught you especially the ones that sounds new and strange to you to know if they are sound and how you should apply them. It is not disloyalty to reject a message that turns out not to be the gospel truth!

Loyalty is what led people to follow false teachers. Yet, loyalty is good but the question is; to who are you loyal?

Loyalty to the devil is what made some sell their souls to him. Yet, loyalty is good but the question is; to who are you loyal?

Loyalty is also what made men fly on the wings of other great people, loyalty is what brought out the best of others… The question remains, to who are you loyal?

When your loyalty is to Christ, you’ll be loyal to the body of Christ, you’ll be loyal to the ministry where God has placed you and you’ll be loyal to that person whom God has been using to train you and mature you!

Being human who is still in the weak flesh, a good Pastor can make beautiful mistakes. It shouldn’t affect your loyalty to the vision and the calling of God upon him but because you are loyal to Christ, it automatically means that you don’t follow him into that mistake!

You don’t rejoice over his mistakes, you don’t announce it but you don’t defend or endorse it either. You rather pray for him or her to walk past it and stay quiet even when you are being pushed to speak!

When something happens like a switch to deep doctrinal error and it becomes something you can’t control or deal with, it is not disloyalty when you walk away because your loyalty first is to Christ. If loyalty to someone else will affect your service to Christ, then it’s not out of place to walk away but respectfully with regard to all the good times and the things you’ve learnt from him or her.

Paul talked about following the teachers with respect to their followership of Christ; it has to be like that else we are simply dealing with loyalty in a secular viewpoint without any spiritual connotations.

In the secular world, a boss may plan to kill a competitor just to stay afloat and his loyal team would conceal it! What makes it all different in Christianity is that our loyalty first is to Christ and it is because of Him that we are loyal to those He has given to us! When things don’t go in the way of Christ, we dodge out.

Remember, in the end, it is to Him that we will account everything.


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