For some men, their mouth may be saying “I will do anything for you” and their heart will be saying “I will do anything for sex.” I wish there is a way to listen to their hearts so you know what you are bargaining for.

What most men want out of sex is not what most women want. A man wants to hit because he feels like hitting but a woman wants to be loved and so she prefers cuddling, sweet words, kisses and touches above everything else… This is because it makes them feel loved. (Doesn’t mean they are loved though…)

Some men don’t care about you, their third leg seems to have the mind of its own. It can make them do anything just to get you on the bed, they just feel like hitting and leaving. Once the hit is done, they walk away.

Some may not leave immediately but in their mind. They have gotten what they want, they are gone in their minds and it may take as long as one year to see them finally leave.

They know from onset that you are not what they want but they can’t but eat the appetiser served to them before the main meal. The moment the real deal comes, they take a bow and walk away.

I have asked a lots of men the same question and they’ve always given me the same answer. I ask them “will you marry your girlfriend?” And they say “God forbid! When I am ready to marry, I will look for a wife!”

You see, some men don’t see a wife in you because you don’t fall into the category of who they want as a wife but you are a woman, you have the body and the parts a part of them desire. So, you are like the snacks they eat on their way to the main party. This isn’t peculiar to men alone.

A lot of women are into men because of what the men have. I know ladies who will go the extent of sleeping with their man-friends just to get some provisions for their boyfriend. Some men can never say no to a woman asking for sex and some women can never say no to rich men who ask for sex. However, I want to talk to the ladies who aren’t interested in the money but desire a fruitful relationship.

Don’t let any man get at you with mere sweet words and sweet actions. When their third leg begins to move them, they can go as far as meeting your parents and doing so many unimaginable things! Not as though your body is better than the average woman out there but you are so good that they want to add you to this list of their conquered territories. The harder it is to get you, the sweeter the story when the deed is eventually done.

Men sit with pride at wedding receptions laughing with their friends and narrating how they had gone down on the bride. You hear things like “I am happy for him o… But for the woman? I don chop am nah.” These men regard every one of their victims as mere meat. All they want is sex and nothing serious.

Some women will truly fall in love with a man who isn’t looking for love but sexual satisfaction. He can go any length to make promises, he can make you feel like a wife already and sweet talk you to bed. Once they have their way, the better ones will come back to their senses and calmly dismiss you with cold attitude and the rest will keep having their way into you until they meet the real deal.

Because of the way women are wired, uncultured ones will always think that sex is a way to prove love to the man. Men will always hinge on that vulnerability of women, they can make the woman feel bad if she ever says no, they can carry long face till the woman succumbs… It is emotional blackmail.

To be frank with you, men don’t act this way just because they are wicked, they act this way because of how they are wired and it is only self-control that keeps some men cultured and morally sound. When a woman understands this, she won’t fall for every sweet word, I mean women who want fruitful relationship.

Don’t prove that you love him by giving him your body. Love respects boundaries and if you create one, love will respect it. I am not here for moral instructions, that is not the purpose of this post. Love will respect your own choices, it will wait if you ask it to wait and waiting will not change anything. When he is doing unimaginable things just to get, “nah dem!” If all the time he buys you gifts, he wants “sex” instead of “thanks”, nah dem!

I am not saying a good guy won’t at some point be tempted to touch, I am not saying a brother who has genuine intentions will not at some points get charged up by that senseless thing in between his legs but I am saying that if he truly wants you more than he wants sex, he can wait if you want him to.

If he can’t marry you, he doesn’t deserve you, maybe he deserves your friendship but not intimacy. If his gifts can get you to bed, you are not any different from the prostitutes. This isn’t to talk down on any prostitute, this is to say that you are on the level of prostitutes if money is the key to your gates. You don’t need strangers in there! If he can’t afford marriage, tell him you can’t afford sex!

To be able to afford marriage doesn’t mean being able to promise a woman marriage, it actually means getting married. Men can swear in the name of God, they can promise you heaven on earth when their car is looking for a park.

Trust me, a wedding proposal is not enough! You don’t know what men can do? They may be proposing to you without even knowing sex is what is pushing them that far and the moment they are in, they are done. Some of them don’t even know what they are doing until they are in there.

If you are a serious lady wanting to build a lasting relationship, you are too beautiful to be used as a football, you are too beautiful and special to be another object of caricature where men gather to discuss how you moaned and moaned your way to oblivion.

And you don’t know? Many will put engagement ring on your fingers and still walk away after they’ve eaten to their fill! Don’t rush into sex with every good guy, give yourself time, give him or her time, give that relationship time. Let it be tested with time. When he threatens to quit if you don’t open your gates to let him in, SACK HIM!

Any man who uses the cheap blackmail of ” I will quit” when you didn’t open up, that man doesn’t respect you and your body… It doesn’t matter if he has put engagement ring on your finger, how much is engagement ring? Is it a permanent ring? Are you a ring collector?

Abeg, leave that thing!

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