Gifts in Rugged Package

So many times, we see parents complain about one of their children who fights a lot or one who is so stubborn. Sometimes, we do not realize that they are gifts in disguise. There are fights you can’t fight, you may require these children to fight that fight for you.

I remember when I served as the leader of a youth ministry, we had very tough and soft people. We had people who were strong-hearted and rugged, people whose love for God was the only thing keeping them in Church ministries. Some of them never belonged to any Church assembly except the youth ministry and this was because no one was pressuring them and making them feel unwanted.

One thing I never did was make them feel uncomfortable about who they are, I never for one day tried changing who they were because I have always known that somehow, God uses people’s strength as well as their weaknesses. In fact, certain things we call weaknesses are strength in disguise.

There were times we needed to talk tough just to secure our places of fellowship, I didn’t know how to talk tough, I was not the strong-willed when it comes to fighting, I was one who would say “God bless you” when you hit me. If it was me alone, I would have been intimidated out of office.

Guess what? Those stubborn folks were those who were ready to fight my physical fights, they were the ones who talked tough on my behalf. With them, I was ready to face any panel, I was ready to say what I wanted the way I wanted it and if you raise a hand against me, there were several hands waiting to teach you a lesson.

Yet, I had people like me, people who weren’t ready to fight. We had the good and the bad and they were all useful for ministry. We had people who were willing to do the tough jobs. When we needed to use an uncompleted building, there were people who worked day and night to ensure the entire building was cleaned up. And guess what? I didn’t lift a bag of cement, I didn’t do anything, they were just there doing it on my behalf.

There were places I normally wouldn’t enter to preach the gospel, they took our gospel there and there were people I normally wouldn’t have won over, they were able to do it. We were a strong team, some of us came soft but some came hard but we had one goal!

Every success I recorded in those days were as a result of these men. In families, there are children who will not take any nonsense. If you insult their parents, you’ll get a blow. A time may come when these families will have to fight for their inheritance, a time will come when they may need to face the entire village chiefs and talk tough, it is only the tough ones that can handle it.

It is okay to be calm and collected but you also need to appreciate those people who are tough, don’t write them off. The reason many of them walk into error and live terrible lives is that we failed to guide them correctly. All they need is mentorship, to be shown how to channel their strengths and vigour correctly.

If we have Samson in the world of today, we may call him a trouble maker but the strength of Samson was a gift from God. There is good in every man, there is good in every field just that we allow negativity to reign!

You see those tough people who don’t like church, sometimes they are the way they are simply because Church people made them feel unwanted, Church people looked down on their giftings assuming it to be a weakness! They left for places where they would feel accepted.

You need to know something about the kingdom of darkness, they always lay hold on people we reject and recruit them against the Church. We keep losing weird gifts every day because they aren’t conventional. We are supposed to guide them, not ignore them or push them away… Some gifts are weird, they come in rugged packages but they are treasures!

If you have such, handle with care!



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