Better to be obscure but fulfilled, than be famous but unfulfilled

Believe me, forget fame and discover your purpose! You don’t need to be famous to fulfil purpose! Sometimes, it is in the quest for fame that many get lost. You don’t necessarily need to be known by the entire world. Some people are designed to groom those who will be known by the world! There are kings, and there are kingmakers! Sometimes, Kingmakers are not popular but without them, there will be no king! Look at our teachers; sometimes, they train up world icons but they are not popular!

The moment you understand what you are designed to do on earth you will quit your quest for fame! It is good to be famous, but it is best to really fulfil purpose! Look at that young boy that provided fish and bread with which Jesus fed the five thousand! Technically, it was that small boy who fed the five thousand! We don’t even know his name but he fulfilled purpose!

He was where he is supposed to be at the right time! Are you where you are supposed to be? Or are you where you feel your name will be heard?

Many of us joined certain organizations just because we felt that is where our voice will be heard! Not because that is where we were supposed to be.

Many enrolled for an office just because they felt that is where the world can recognize them and celebrate them! Many do a whole lot of things not with respect to their purpose but with respect to their thirst for fame! Some of our Church musicians are where they are today not because of service but because they are searching for a platform that can reward them with fame.

Some of our gospel preachers watered down their messages and joined certain cliques, not because it was the right choice for them but because such association would reward them with fame. Right in their hearts, they know something is wrong with their stands.

I don’t know where you are, I don’t know what you are doing and I don’t know why I am writing to you! If the reason why you are doing what you are doing isn’t that it is where you are your best but because it has some promise of fame, quit now or be forced to quit when it’s even too late to get back to purpose. Now isn’t late, tomorrow is.

Speaking from a Christian perspective, don’t be a celebrity on earth and be a disappointment to God! Whatever God is leading you into, trust and obey! Abraham was a commoner when he was located. David was in the bush tending the sheep’s when he was located! Joseph was in the prison when he was located!

Seekers of fame always end up in misery, they only depend on luck and when luck doesn’t shine on them, they get locked out forever. Your attitude and disposition in your little days is always a pointer to where you are going, be willing to be obscure if being famous would mean walking away from purpose. Refuse to be distracted by comfort! Break out! Break forth!

Some comforts aren’t necessarily. Yes, you may be hearing it from me first! Reject every offering of shortcuts, be willing to build.

Should I talk about ladies who missed the man of their destiny because they desired comfort but robbed themselves of peace? Maybe it was the comfort of money, maybe it was the comfort of sight but right in their hearts, they knew something was wrong but couldn’t place it because they lust for comfort clouded their sense of reasoning.

Should I talk about men who missed the woman of destiny because of their own perception of comfort? Sometimes, things don’t look like it seems. Reaping where we never sowed can turn out painful, this is why you should take comforts offered on a platter of gold with a pinch of salt.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing is bad with desiring a good life and nothing is wrong with shooting your shots! But when these shots mean gunning down the purpose, let it pass.

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