“Heaven belongs to the LORD alone, but he gave the earth to the human race.”- Psalms 115:16 GNB

It is true that God created the earth but it is also truer that he handed the earth over to man. Therefore, man is the one in charge of this Earth realm. Whatever God wants to do on earth, he uses men. God wouldn’t come down to earth as God, instead, he came as man in the person of Jesus.

Whatever the devil wants to do on earth, he uses men who aren’t yielded to God. The devil may not even need the consent of these men because lack of submission to God is an automatic submission to Satan.

In using men, men use things. Men are answerable to God, howbeit, to the enemy when they aren’t yielded to God. Same way, things are answerable to men. This means, when God has you, he also has your things and when the enemy has you, your things are included.

The same things that good men use for good can be used by evil men for evil. The same tools good men use to write edifying words are the same tools evil men use to write destructive words. Men developed formulas that will help keep pests away from food but other men used the same formula to kill fellow humans.

The same weapons men built to safeguard others from terrorists are the same weapons terrorists hijack to advance their quest and temporary quench their taste for blood.

Man is the owner of things, he invents it at will and whoever will use man already has the loyalty of things that are loyal to that man. Whatever man lays his hands on including money will serve whatever purpose the man is standing for. There is a saying “we put our money where our mouth is”. It is not far from the truth.

Talk about technology; men invent certain things in a bid to solve a problem. However, other men study and discover the vulnerabilities of these inventions, they take advantage of it and wrought evil with it.

For example, Microsoft developed an operating system, another person finds a vulnerability and takes advantage of it to develop a program that will run in the background to steal data. This is what we call a virus.

So, while Microsoft is trying to solve a problem, another developer is trying to create a problem using this same platform designed exclusively to solve a problem.

As a website developer, one of the first things I do after uploading a website to the host is to activate firewalls, set up the defence and protect the website from all manner of vulnerability. In fact, every single day, I resume work by looking at the daily reports to see what needs to be updated.

The reason is simple, there are various men who are busy looking for worthy websites to prey on and any loophole that will give them entrance to the backend will result in a compromised website. This is exactly what the devil does, he looks for unyielded men and uses them without their consent.

He inspires men, not into making discoveries or inventions because he lacks the creativity to do so. Rather, he inspires men to use the wisdom God has given to them against God’s purpose. The creativity of man is only a rub off of God’s creative powers and every spiritual force depends on this creativity to operate on earth.

That same music keyboard that played “Gloria in Excelsis Deo” can powerfully play John Lennon’s  blasphemous “God”. The same device with which you watch all the great gospel teachings can also be used to watch porn! The same hall that served as a secret orgy venue can still serve as a venue for a night of worship.

Why? Every single thing we own assumes the character of the user and therefore, whatever direction we are headed to, our stuffs are obediently headed the same direction too. They do not have the minds of their own, they are just tools with which we carry out what is in our minds which when not yielded to God will be yielded to the devil even without knowing.

Saint Peter once made a very harmless statement. He was only being caring but satan was taking advantage of his good but ignorant intentions. Jesus looked beyond Peter and saw the devil, he rebuked the devil, not Peter. Jesus had no issues with Peter, it was satan he had issues with and therefore it was Satan, not Peter, that he addressed.

Maybe, for the benefit of the lesson, let me digress a bit to say; many times we are confronting the wrong person, we are rebuking the wrong guy! It is good to look beyond people to see who we are supposed to fight.

Back to our discourse, when we see men use innovations to advance the course of darkness, they may not truly know what they are doing. Yes, they know their onions, they are smart, intelligent and perfect in their craft but because they aren’t sensitive to spiritual things, they may be advancing the course of darkness thinking that they are doing the right thing just as Peter was trying to stop Jesus from going to Jerusalem thinking he was doing the right thing.

When we meet people like that, we don’t need to fight them, we need to look beyond them. We may see a strong ideology that we need to fight by all means both in the place of prayer and in the place of legislation. After all, we all have a common enemy, Satan!

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