Dreams & Interpretation | Dealing With Bad Dreams

We all dream, we all see certain things in the dream and sometimes dreams come true, many times it doesn’t. The big question has always remained “is dreams the way God speaks to us?” Should bad dreams worry us? Let’s see what the Bible says

“Let the prophet who has a dream recount the dream, but let the one who has my word speak it faithfully. For what has straw to do with grain?” declares the LORD. ” – Jeremiah 28:28

While it is possible for God to show us certain things through dreams, the devil can also try to manipulate our dreams and produce fear and keep us in the bondage of same. The place we just read in the Bible shows us quite a contrast between dreams and God’s word.

The word of God is likened to grain while dreams are likened to straw, a roll of waste. Most times straw look so big and mighty but they are waste products and have little or no value. Let’s see that same portion of the Bible in the Contemporary English Version

“Their dreams and my truth are as different as straw and wheat. But when prophets speak for me, they must say only what I have told them.”

While God has shown people things through dreams in the past, we have been given God’s word as the absolute authority and a place to rely on if we are looking for what God is saying.

The ultimate way God speaks to a believer is through the word and every other thing is subject to the word of God. I know a lot of believers who have been set free by this simple truth.

In the Old Testament, men who don’t know God’s word may dream and start looking for interpretations but the Prophets who were called by God were only mandated to proclaim God’s word. This means that even if they had dreams that didn’t agree with God’s word, they were to trash it.

The coming of Jesus brought about the full revelation of God’s word and the Bible calls Jesus the word of God made flesh! We can’t depend on the straw when we have the grain! We can’t depend on the shadows when the real person is here. Concerning Jesus, the Bible says in John 1:14 NLT

“So the Word became human and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father’s one and only Son.”

In Jesus, we have God’s word in its totality. This means that everything that truly proceeds from God must be seen in the character of Jesus because Jesus is the express image of God (Colossians 1:15). Jesus is the revelation of God, every single thing we need to know about God has been explained in the teachings of Jesus and the commentaries of the Apostles who wrote by the inspiration of the Spirit of Jesus.

If you see yourself eating in the dream, don’t be deceived with what a lot of people have made out of dreams claiming to be dream interpreters, wake up and thank God because it is an indication that you will have plenty to eat.

If you had a terrible dream where you saw a beast chasing you and tormenting you, don’t agree with the devil! Your dream may be saying “demons are winning over you” but God’s word says “be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” – John16:33.

More to that, the Bible says in Revelations 12:11 “And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…” Which one would you rather believe? Your dreams or the word of God?

Anytime you have bad dreams, whether you appeared defeated or not, wake up and give glory to God because His word has assured you that in him you are victorious. You are called “more than conquerors through Christ…”

A lot of believers usually think that eating in the dream is bad! But hey, the devil is not kind enough to give you food. He only gives you the wrong perspective of things so that through your fear he comes in.

I remember many times where some believers had come to me with complaints of having terrible dreams each time they sleep and I tell them one thing “choose God’s word over your dreams. No matter what your dream says, reaffirm what God’s word says and keep staying conscious of it.”

In most cases, they come back to say that ever since they stopped worrying themselves about those dreams they stopped having it! I know a young girl who told me that whenever she prays at night and go to sleep, a spirit starts tormenting her in the dream.

I told her “the spirit is a coward and can only come in your dreams. Don’t let anyone discourage you from praying. Whoever it is tormenting is not you, he can’t torment you and he has no such power. He wants you to exalt his power by confessing that he is tormenting you. Next time you have such dreams, wake up and pray yet again giving glory to God for the victory you have in him”.

She did as I said and she stopped having those dreams.

Another reason people have terrible dreams is as a result of their thoughts. Usually, whatever your mind is focused on will manifest in your dreams. I know that each time I sleep off while playing songs or watching movies I would still be hearing them in my dreams and when people are talking around me while I sleep, I may hear them talking in my dreams.

For this reason, always fill your mind with God’s word, always watch edifying movies, always read edifying books and always have edifying conversations. Whether in the dream or reality, you’ll see yourself pouring out positive things only.

Does God still speak to us via dreams?

While the Old Testament is full of stories where God spoke to people using dreams, we begin to see less of it in the New Testament. The ultimate way God speaks to a believer is the word of God and all the directions we need is in there. We have explained previously how Jesus is the word of God made flesh.

However, God can speak to someone through dreams and whenever God speaks to someone through dreams it is between that person and God and it usually comes with an explanation.

These explanations may come through the study of God’s word, through the teachings of someone and even through direct revelations. But whichever way the interpretation comes, it must be in alignment with God’s word.

God doesn’t speak to his people in puzzles, he wouldn’t give you revelations that are too hard to understand. If God truly gives you a dream, it comes with a strong conviction in your heart that it is God who has spoken to you.

God can show you things that are yet to happen, he can give you directions and you can get answers to the questions you have asked previously but regardless what your dreams are, always bear this in mind:

“Let the prophet who has a dream recount the dream, but let the one who has my word speak it faithfully. For what has straw to do with grain?” declares the LORD. ” – Jeremiah 28:28

Do you have the word of God? Rely on it instead.


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