Short Story | Sex On A Sunday

Beautiful Sunday afternoon, the sun was grinning at its best with usual junctures of cloud movements that momentarily passed under the sun helping to keep a balance.

Adaku had just returned from Church, humming to the choruses of the choir renditions while removing her earrings. She sauntered to her mirror-stand to keep her jewellery but a glance at the mirror gave her the reflection of her husband. Her husband’s portrait was hung on the wall behind her and she could see it through the mirror.

The humming stopped, she turned to look through the window to notice that the clouds were gathering. She felt it was getting dark and cold even though her windows were closed with glamorous golden curtains drawn apart and clipped by the sides. She decided to walk up to the windows and have a feel of the weather, the sunlight was completely covered by now.

On getting to the window and sliding it open, the cool breeze stroked through her face, she could literally feel the breeze caressing her face. As if this wasn’t enough to the feelings building up, the sound from her neighbour’s house seemed to become more audible. It was her husband’s favourite love song, Angel of My Life by PaulPlay.

“I miss my husband… I miss Ike!” She murmured although with a desire to shout.

She closed her windows, walked straight to the picture to touch her husband’s face. If only pictures could speak, if only Ike would jump out from the photo frame. She had always missed him since he travelled but that Sunday afternoon seemed extraordinary. “God… I need my husband”.

They had been married for only eight months, Ike left for Ghana a few weeks ago for a business project. He was sent to Ghana for research purposes as his employers had planned to float a new firm in the country. Ike would usually call home to see how Adaku was doing but for about two days he hadn’t called and Adaku was unable to connect with him too.

For Jane, Adaku’s coursemate who turned out to be her colleague in the office “men can’t be trusted”. She was speaking from experience though. Her fiance travelled to South Africa on a business trip only to come back with terrible news, that he wasn’t interested in the relationship anymore. A few weeks later, he announced his wedding plans with a “South African witch” as Jane would call her and eventually moved to South Africa to start “licking a white woman’s ass” as Jane would say.

Adaku courted Ike for only one year, they met in NYSC camp and Ike was still healing over his broken relationship when they got talking. Things went rosy for the duo and they eventually had a Federal Government-sponsored wedding; one that graced the local magazines.

On the other hand, Jane’s failed relationship lasted for four years. As she would always say on a lighter note “I deserve a second-degree certificate for that”.

Adaku’s cousin, Nkechi, also had a comparable setback in her relationship. She was the one that broke up with her ex-traditionally recognised husband though. They had planned their wedding and fulfilled all the essential traditional rites. During his bachelor’s eve, one of his friends sent a clip to Nkechi. It was Olu, making love to another woman. It broke her down! It was a deal-breaker for her and she couldn’t get herself together after that.

A few months ago, Olu and his friend who betrayed him had set out to test Nkechi. Olu had asked him to try getting close to Nkechi and make advances towards her to see if she would fall for it. They had believed Igbo girls can’t be trusted just like that. Olu’s friend was the desire of many ladies who would fall for anything handsome. He had a well-built body, a good career in the ICT industry and awesome fashion sense.

Nkechi wouldn’t deny she liked Tunde but that was just it, like! She liked him as a friend and would always have intelligent conversations with him. In fact, to stay on a safer side, she informed Olu of her newfound friendship in his friend. “We have a mutual friend” she would laugh.

Well, Tunde started making advances but Nkechi wasn’t taking any of that. “What do you take me for? A girl without class?” She had asked Tunde who came to her office on odds hours while she was trying to finish up with the files on her desk and tried touching her in an uncomfortable manner.

Tunde was tight-lipped as she continued “if this would repeat itself, I will tell Olu about it. See, I like you as a friend but you see this? I am taking none of it… I have respect for God, myself, my body and Olu”

Well, unlike they schemed, Tunde had started falling in love with Nkechi. He wanted to do something to break the two apart. On one occasion, he lied to Olu that he was able to succeed in kissing Nkechi but there was no evidence to prove that. Olu had suspected that Tunde was falling in love with Nkechi but he wasn’t sure. Nkechi also noticed some changes in Olu’s attitude but couldn’t place hands on something as Olu wasn’t ready to talk.

Tunde continued with his game and didn’t discourage Olu when he noticed Olu was getting emotionally bound to Shola, a young lady he met at a business symposium they had attended in Abuja.

Tunde was able to convince Shola to come to see Olu during his bachelor’s eve. Eventually, both got drunk and Tunde made them sleep together in one room which ultimately led to sex while Tunde’s camera was watching.

Nkechi later got to know how it all happened but this was a deal-breaker for her, it traumatized her greatly! She was very closer to Adaku than Adaku’s siblings and would even pass the night many times in Adaku’s place. Whenever Adaku talked about missing her husband, she would laugh “Men! Fear them! They are scum!” And then, would add “with the exclusion of our relatives, and maybe, just maybe o, Ike”.

Adaku knew Nkechi wasn’t always the right person to rely on at this time. Nkechi needed time to heal as this was her second relationship that had ended in such a horrible way.

Adaku took up the picture, walked to the bed and kept touching Ike’s face. Tears rolled down her eyes, they weren’t tears of fear but that of love. “I miss you, Ike…” She mumbled. She was taken aback with the sound of the doorbell.

Who would that be? She wasn’t expecting any visitor… Perhaps that’s Nkechi, she thought. She stood up with the picture in her hand, walked through the dinning, dropped the picture on one of the seats and headed towards the door just at the sitting room.

On opening the door, it was Ike!

Her joy knew no bound! Ike also went crazy at the sight of his wife but deep down there was a feeling of guilt, perhaps for not keeping in touch these two days.

“Baby,” he said as Adaku jumped into his arms “I…” he wanted to talk further but Adaku wasn’t ready to listen. She kissed him, it went on for a while.

There is this unique way Adaku smooches Ike that makes him lose his senses, he drew his right hand backwards and shut the door behind him, brought back his right hand to support the other hand in holding up the “weightier matter” as he would always say. He had wanted to carry her to the room but the feeling was surging with lots of anticipation and fantasies that were building up.

They stopped halfway at the dinning

“Ike… I’ll like it here” Adaku smiled.

It was a killer smile. Who was Ike not to obey her royal majesty? This was usually that moment where he worships his wife like a goddess. He swept his right hand across the table, sweeping off everything on the table to the floor.

The shattering sounds of glass cups and ceramic plates seemed to add some ecstasy to the moment. He carefully positioned his treasure on the table, brought their fantasies to life, finished up on the floor just closer to the bedroom.

“Hmm… what a moment” Ike gasped “we couldn’t even make it to the bedroom”

“That’s old fashion…” Adaku laughed “I loved it here. Just that all our glass cups are broken”

“Are we not stupid? Well, we will pay for our stupidity by replacing the cups.” He paused as Adaku pressed her head firmly on his chest. Ike continued “speaking about old fashion… you mean you no longer want sex 1.0 but sex pro max?” They both laughed out loud.

But suddenly, it seemed like Adaku remembered something, she jumped up from the floor and gazed towards the table.

“Baby, what is it?” Ike asked sitting up

“My iPhone pro max… I left it on the table” She looked towards the ground and saw it lying helplessly in the midst of broken glasses. “Ha! Baby, are you ready to pay?” She said with a fixed gaze on the phone

“If I did it before, I do it again” Ike laughed.

The End

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