Life is Competition

Survival on earth is entirely competition. You may not be in competition with anyone but you are in competition with everyone. Many times, life gives us at least one opportunity to score, if we haven’t rightly positioned ourselves, we may miss it.

There are billions of people in the world and there are always millions of people that we can have access to. No matter how many people we allow into our lives, we will only end up with a few. Some have certain advantages over others, it could be a skill or material resources.

That same person you are hoping to sell to is the target of another merchant. You may be offering him a product at an affordable rate and another merchant is ready to give out the same product for free just to win that person. In the end, only one person will win!

Have you ever been to Onitsha Main Market? I don’t know about now but I lived in Onitsha and usually made purchases there, I may have to pass through tens of people waving at me, calling me beautiful names and introducing me to the same product.

You may hear things like “My Oga come and check this product out”, “handsome boy, I surely have what you are looking for”, “boss, will you pass me by? Come and patronize me.” They all usually had different lines to throw at me but in the end, I can only end up with one person while others would shift their attention to someone else.

How about the malls? They may not call you beautiful names and fight for you but they do this subtly. You see each store having a good front, you see each of them with glass doors so that you can see through them and be enticed with what they offer. No matter how you get enticed by two different stores, you’ll only patronise one except they don’t have everything you need.

Perhaps you sell exclusively online. While you are hoping a customer comes your way, someone else is in their inbox building a relationship with them, offering them some free services, asking them “can I do anything for you?” or sending them informative newsletters.

How about the many beautiful souls you come across? Some are very caring, loving and willing to love you. There are those who want to be your friend, there are those who want to have a date with you and there are those who want to spend the rest of their lives with you.

In the end, not all will make it to the list of your friends, not all will get to have a date with you and only one may be in your life forever as a spouse. Even if you choose to marry four persons, there would only be four out of the many persons who want to be with you.

In some cases, while there are people willing to do anything just to be with you, there is also that person who you are willing to do anything just to be with and no matter what you do, there are competitors who may be on top of the game.

You may be admiring someone from afar but another person has taken the bold step to attempt coming closer. You may have come closer but another person is already making sacrifices.

While you are busy admiring someone from afar and hoping that they give you a chance to be in their lives, someone else wasn’t waiting for that chance, he or she wasn’t waiting for go-ahead order, they started being involved because they wanted to.

Life is competition, you can’t avoid it and no matter how much we don’t want to be in competition with people, we are stuck in it! Life will always present you with an opportunity to win, it may be an idea or a chance to do the right thing. When you miss it, you are widening the gap between you and the goal post.

Sometimes we miss these opportunities because we do not notice the diamonds in the rough. There are people we despise today that would have been the key to open doors but these people always come in their raw form, they aren’t refined and so, we don’t see them glittering.

When we despise such people, someone else will notice them, someone else will give them room to be themselves and not despise them. When you go down memory lane, you may see various opportunities to win that you missed but that is not the end. There are usually other opportunities ahead of you. When you don’t recognise you missed an opportunity in the past, you may not know when you are about missing one again.

Life is competition, there is no gain not admitting it. Up your game, compete very well but engage healthily.

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