Sexual Capital is Nonsense

Sexual Capital is Nonsense.

Too much talk about sexual capital and how a woman can monetize it. Yeah, same women fighting for equality are the same people giving men the control. When I see learned women promoting the idea of sexual capital, it’s a rollback on the efforts of women in promoting the idea of equal treatment in society.

When a woman dresses up, exposing her contours not because she loves her self like that or feels comfortable but because she believes that is what would make her find favour in the sight of men, then she shouldn’t cry foul when those men regard her as less.

Just imagine that your social values are simply results of your sexual attractiveness. It means you can’t do without a man and it also means you’ll become worthless in a short while since the physical beauty of a woman is like a flower that is shortlived.

“Sexual capital” is nonsense. If you think the power of a woman lies in her being sexually attractive then you need to know better. Anyone whose worth is based on her sexual capital is like a woman who has been made to believe that being a good cook is what makes her a good wife.

Yes, being sexually attractive can give you a richer husband but there are much more sexually attractive people to contend with. If he married you for your sexual attractiveness, he may also leave you for someone else who is better. But far from that, you are proving beyond every reasonable doubt that you are only of sexual benefit and nothing more.

Yes, being sexually attractive can even make a boss hire you but that is as long as you keep trading your dignity. You think a boss who hired you because you are sexually attractive will let you be without sexually satisfying him? More so, thinking you can use your sexual attractiveness to land yourself a job means you are not competent enough for that job.

Yes, being sexually attractive can make a young man give you a lift but come to think of it… You are only desirable because they want to have sex with you. When are you going to start giving others lift? This way, you are saying “I am an object of pleasure for men”. That’s what you reduce yourself to when you believe sexual attractiveness is the power of a woman.

See, if being sexually attractive is the power of a woman, then she has no actual power. If the power of a woman lies in the desires of a man, then the woman is actually not powerful and the man is the one who is in control.

Sexual capital is not a real asset and that is why prostitutes are prostitutes. Do you regard trading your body for money and favour a great skill? I haven’t seen anyone who built a sustainable wealth or scalable brand using sexual capital.

Don’t let anyone deceive you. Learn a skill, develop yourself and don’t always be at the receiving end! Even Jesus said “it is more blessed to give than to receive”.

I don’t know about you but for me, sexual capital otherwise known as erotic capital is nonsense and an insult to women who truly want to be treated equally in the society.

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