Charlie Charlie Game | What every Christian must know about it

The Charlie Charlie game challenge as it is called trended in 2015 which saw many youths dabble into it. Some engaged themselves into it just to be sure, some other folks dabbled into it just for fun while some people truly wanted to use it as a medium of getting answers.

Here in 2021, it seems the trend is being resurrected especially among Nigerians and some folks who have played this so-called game say it didn’t work for them, few have claimed it worked while comedians have had a field day making crazy funny contents out of it. Humorously, I told someone “you see this Charlie Charlie? It dies the second death in Nigeria!”

Okay, first things first, the Charlie Charlie thing is a lame game. There is no Charlie Charlie demon anywhere making the pen to move. It is very important that I start off on this note. If you have played it before, you won’t be haunted by demons except you choose fear as an option.

If you played the game to prove it doesn’t work, you obviously discovered you were right! If you cross your pencil in a perfect balance without even saying a word “Charlie Charlie” will still answer you depending on the direction of the soft breeze.

Many people have given an opinion on how demonic the game is and how people who played it either for fun or for whatever reason could get haunted. As a child, we played a lot of games that actually sounded scary but today we look back and wonder how stupid we were at that time.

Those days, to make a child behave well or stop crying, you may hear things like “madam koi koi is coming”. And truly, many children seemed to have had their own experiences of “Madam Koi Koi”. Many would narrate how they saw her in the dream, how she disturbed their sleep and all that.

If you should question these kids today who are probably adults by now, you may suddenly realize that their experiences were induced by fear, it was a mirage, it never existed nor happened.

However, there are reasons why you may not need to play the Charlie Charlie game, at least on a serious note.

Scripture tells us that idols have a mouth but can’t speak, they have legs but can’t walk, they have ears but can’t hear. Whatever idols are made of in themselves are neither good nor bad. The material someone used as an idol somewhere else can be in your sitting room as a decor. It was the same gold pieces of jewellery that were at the mercies of Israelites that they melted to make a golden calf which they worshipped.

Throughout the scripture, you see how idols were portrayed, they were portrayed as helpless and useless. They don’t qualify been called dead because they were never alive in the first place. There is no single place in the Bible were you see Idols make any significant move. It’s people who move the idols.

Yes, some of our African idols are lying lifeless and powerless today in Western Museums and the white looters didn’t die mysterious death! Their generations are still here, doing fine and doing great businesses.

But then, when we understand who we are, we may be careful with the words we speak and the things we do. The words you speak into things are more powerful than those things. We are the ones who can project power into an idea, we are the ones who can invoke our thoughts into things and these things begins to express our thoughts exactly.

Have you wondered why it is only Churches that focus on demon possessions and similar cases that get the most experiences of it? It is often not arranged experiences, sometimes, it is their thoughts and words coming alive and manifesting itself.

When you prepare your mind to make contact with a demon via mediums, you’ll surely make contact. Some people unlocked their third eye wrongly, the Eastern religion calls it chakra. Its a thing of the mind, without you projecting it in your mind, it will not happen.

Saul & The Ghost of Samuel

In the Bible, we read the story of Saul who through the witch of En-dor consulted the Spirit of Samuel. The Bible wasn’t explicit on whether it was the Spirit of Samuel or a demon using the voice and appearance of Samuel. However, what we know is that God forbids the act of necromancy and regardless who it was that appeared, it was against God’s will.

However, whatever happened there with the witch of En-dor and Saul began from the mind because the mind is the gateway to the soul which houses your emotions. To understand more about the link between “Emotion and Spirituality”, refer to the article I wrote on it.

We also know that signs and wonders are not exclusive to the Holy Spirit, the Bible clearly tells us that false prophets will display great signs and wonders. So, it’s clear that many things are also possible with demons including using mediums to trigger manifestations.

I will tell you about two true-life stories to show you how your mind can bring certain things to life.

My Brother & The Wicked Teacher

When we were still very young, a certain teacher flogged my brother unjustly. In anger, my brother got a small key, called her name on the key and said: “as I am locking this key, I am locking Mrs Jane up!”

Of course, Jane wasn’t her name!

He threw the key on top of our wardrobe and for some days the teacher couldn’t show up in school because she was very ill.

My brother had almost forgotten what he did. When he remembered it, he was scared. He did what he did out of anger but realized it could lead to more devastating consequences.

He climbed the wardrobe, found the key and unlocked it saying “as I unlock this key, I unlock Mrs Jane”.

The next day, the teacher showed up in school! Now you can see, while we live in a physical world, there are spiritual realms one can engage even from the physical realm. We engage these realms using our emotions and words.

The Day I Left My Body

Many years ago, when I was much younger, I stumbled into a book written by Lobsang Rampa. I saw it in an office I visited and decided to borrow and read. It was a mystic book and the writer talked about a lot of things including how one could leave his or her body in astral travel.

Somehow, I didn’t love that I was reading the book but somehow, I was attached to it. The more I promised myself not to continue reading, the more I promised myself to stop only after I finish reading the next chapter. On a few occasions, I even practised some things I saw in the book like sitting in a meditative mood, taking my mind away from everything else aside where I want to be.

There was no incantation, there was no denouncing of faith, there was no belief system except just training the mind to be able to leave my body easily. At first, it seemed like a joke.

One night, I was lying on the cushion at the sitting room alone in a dead quiet night. I wasn’t sleeping, I was fully awake staring into the darkness. Suddenly, I felt myself leaving my body, I felt so light. Then I got out of my body hanging on the air and staring at my lifeless body.

This wasn’t a dream and as unbelievable as it sounds, it happened for real. This is not an open encouragement to read from the author, I don’t recommend his book at all especially those who are still struggling with their faith.

As I was hanging on the air, I still had feelings, I still had emotions. I could still get scared, angry or teary. But when I look to see myself, it wasn’t possible. It seemed I was just an empty air while my lifeless body laid at the cushion. Right there on the air, ny mind went back to that book and I realized why what happened to me happened.

By feeding my mind all those while through that book, I was awakening a consciousness. I could be anywhere I want to be if only I could just think it! From that experience, it seemed to me that Spirits travel at the speed of thought! At some point, I became too scared and had to think of going back into my body. With a big slump, I fell back into my body.

I was going to suffer severe headache afterwards for several weeks and each time I lay down, I could feel myself struggling to stay into my body. It became easier to leave the body than to stay in it. I struggled with this for almost one year before I returned to my default state because I refused to practice it any further knowing that it will expose me to lots of spiritual influence that I may not be able to handle.

Back to Charlie Charlie Challenge

image source: Wikipedia

It is a thing of the mind. While you may joke with it, prove it doesn’t work and live your life without any consequences, it becomes your reality when you give in yourself to it. One of the dangers of trying to even joke around with this game and prove it doesn’t work is that you may be drawn to it and you may say “alright, let me pay more attention to this and put my mind to it”.

Like I noted earlier, certain things are not demonic but spirits find expression through mediums. They can’t be on earth without a host. While basic physics explains how the pencil swings to the right or left, it can become a practice or a ritual for anyone.

Some people will want to try using it as a medium to make contact with the dead and find answers. They aren’t joking with it, they aren’t playing games, they simply want to delve into the mystical world and in no time, they may find what they are looking for but it may never end well for them.

The reason God discourages us from any practice of attempting to make contact with demons is for our safety and emotional health. The moment your third eye (spiritual eyes) is opened through demonic influences, it can expose you to strange things and lead to odd behaviours, drugs, addictions and suicide.

In my next article, I’ll be writing about “awakening your spiritual consciousness”.

I call you blessed.

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