How to disagree on social media

You have every right to disagree with people and not share in their viewpoint. People who want you to agree with them hook-line-sinker disagree with you after all. They do not share 100% in your opinions and they disagree with your disagreement.

There is nothing wrong with differences, there is nothing wrong with you if you discover that there are only a few persons you agree with. The majority carries the vote but popular opinion doesn’t always mean the truth. You are different, your thought process is different, your background and upbringing are different, so there are more chances that you will disagree with people on certain subjects than agree with them.

Nonetheless, how you infer your disagreement can be a problem. On a public platform like Facebook, you mustn’t agree but you also mustn’t rub it in people’s face that they are wrong, you could be wrong after all. Here are a few ways to deal with issues that you don’t agree with on social media.

  1. Ignore it

Some things are not worth it, it’s not every opinion that you must dispute. When it’s not worth it, don’t irk yourself with it. For example, when someone says “pink is the best colour” and you don’t agree, it’s not worth a fight. It’s their opinion and you can’t impel your own choices on others. Their choice hurts nobody, it puts nothing in danger, it’s something that is entirely up to them.

Aside innocuous opinions and choices, if you’ve never recognized peoples’ thought or contributions when you agree with them then it’s heinous to argue with them when you disagree. If you could ignore the good things they did, why not also apply the same energy and dismiss the wrong things they said especially when it doesn’t affect you personally.

  1. Engage them privately

When you believe that people’s opinion is wrong and misleading, instead of leaving a criticism on the comment section of their post, you may want to engage them confidentially. Engaging them privately shows you have respect for them and they will be more willing to discuss with you.

Chances are that you may see from their point of view and end up agreeing with them or they may see from your point of view and end up agreeing with you. I have had times I had to delete posts because someone came privately to discuss with me and I see light on their path.

When you publicly criticize people for their opinion, especially those you could access privately, you either have no regard for them or you simply want to knead your ego using their platform.

  1. Write your opinion on your wall

Many times, my articles are birth by concerns to see people know the truth and they could be triggered by another person’s opinion. I believe that when we begin to engage in unhealthy arguments, the purpose of your honest Input is defeated, so it’s important to write your defence on your wall without making any reference to the other person’s post.

In most cases, I do not argue on people’s posts, I rather ignore, go inbox or defend the truth on my wall. There are moments I argue on people’s post in a rush to defend the truth and I end up deleting the comment because most people do not know how to handle disagreements.

One of the reasons you must learn how to disagree with people is not because it is wrong to disagree but because we are all different and people understand differently. Your honest public registration of displeasure may not only hurt someone’s feeling but also dispirit them.

  1. Know when to comment on the post

There is nothing wrong with contributing to a post you disagree with, the comment section was not designed to accommodate only those who agree with the poster but also those who disagree. We can have a healthy conversation even when we disagree but we must look into our hearts and be sure that our motives are right. Some people simply disagree with people not because the people were wrong but because the truth is coming from the people who they don’t like.

If you have been engaging with someone before, interacting on their posts, liking the posts you truly like and disliking the posts you dislike, then it’s safe to offer your differing opinion respectfully on their comment section for the sake of those who are following.

For example, someone might write “HIV doesn’t exist”, and you know it might hurt someone who is unsound. You can reasonably state why you believe HIV exist, how to avoid it and why it must be avoided. This way, you didn’t only register your different opinion, you also helped those who are reading.

But if you only comment on their posts when you disagree, then you are looking for trouble. You may want to chat them privately and if they are bent on going on with their deceit, you can leave a sincere and reasonable comment or you write a defence on your wall. It makes no sense when you come out of the blues to criticize someone’s opinion when all these while, you’ve seen their posts and ignore them.

When you are “qualified” to disagree with people on their timeline, you must make sure you use respectful language and you must be careful not to use words like “you are wrong!”, “it’s a lie!”.

You can write “I don’t agree because…” Or “I am still trying to understand this because….” You can also start by asking honest questions. You could write “why do you think women should be treated as inferior to men?”

  1. The rule doesn’t apply everywhere

While all of the above rules apply with private accounts and individual accounts that are in your connections, it may not apply to public accounts with a very large following who are accountable to the public.

Such accounts are handles of politicians, public figures, celebrities and so on. The reason is that you may likely not have access to these people and when you believe their opinions are hurtful or unhealthy, you may not need to ignore or even send them a private message. The same rule in no 4 applies here.

Now, this is also my own opinion and you have every right to disagree and even register your disagreement as long as you do so respectfully.

I call you blessed.

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