You are not the reason that I am a feminist

“I stand for gender equality because that is the truth I see…”

– George Onyedikachukwu Nnadozie

Someone sent me a screenshot of a post about male feminists who are only feminists when it comes to women’s pocket or pants. Her post seemed a bit generalized, she didn’t intend it to be so, perhaps, that’s the colouration people attach to it. The folk who sent it to me was trying to mock me for identifying as a feminist.

I believe in and stand strongly for gender equality… I was called a “feminist” before I realized what the word meant. I grew up questioning why women should be regarded as inferior, I grew up questioning the stereotypes… This is who I am.

When I had the means, I organized annual events focused on empowering women. These programs were sponsored solely by me. I have also sacrificially empowered few ladies and yes, I did so because I felt it’s the right thing to do, I felt I could use my influence for a positive change. It’s something I am hoping to kick start again at the right time.

My stand on this is not without a price. Some folks publicly criticized “Queens Hangout”, I have been called names, jabs have been thrown at me, some “ministers of the gospel” have called me names, folks have called me “Simp” but you see, I am who I am, not because of who you are or who anybody is. This is my stand and until I am convinced there is a problem with my belief, nothing else can change it.

I didn’t choose this stand to please anyone, it became my stand because I can’t look the truth in the face and still decide to live a lie. So, no matter what you throw at me or no matter what friends or colleagues label against me because of my stand on gender equality, changing my mind on this truth is not possible.

Some weeks ago, a certain “feminist” attacked one of my posts. Typically, it was supposed to spark a gender war. Someone came inbox to mock me on how even my “feminist colleague” don’t trust me and why I must start seeing differently. I smiled and said to him “she didn’t influence my stand, my stand has nothing to do with hers and who I am wasn’t influenced by who she is… I stand for gender equality because that is the truth I see.”

Let me also add quickly. I have friends who don’t agree with some of my stand on gender equality, they believe it should rather be “gender equity”. We disagree respectfully and still cherish our company. I have never seen anyone who doesn’t agree with me in a bad light. I believe that our level of exposure to light may not be the same and the angle from which I view the prism may not be the angle other views it so we may not see the same colour or the same level of reflection.

Whatever it is, I know that growth is progressive. It’s either I am yet to grow up to your level or you are yet to grow up to my level. Somehow, we will be fine as long as our intentions are right and we are sincere about our search for the truth.

The truth I knew has set me free from gender prejudice and I am SO FREE!

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