Try One More Time

It’s easier to give up but giving up sometimes is costly because it robs you of the progress you have made. Sometimes, as we journey to our place of destiny, our progress isn’t always obvious but we are making progress. When you give up, you are rolling back to the starting point.

I have always encouraged people to give up when they have to but you must be sure that giving up is the best thing to do. For example, when a relationship has reached its death, there may be no point trying to resurrect it, you may need to give up on it but the lines are blur here. However, do not always be fast to give up, just try one more time until all the chances to try gets ruined.

There are businesses you may have invested everything into and you suddenly realized it wasn’t worth it, it’s not bad to give up on it. How about when it’s promising but perhaps experiencing slow acceptance or requiring more time, sacrifice and resources? Giving up will mean that you wasted all the previous efforts.

Amazon Inc made its first profit after 8 years of operation and today Jeff Bezos is among the richest men in the world. What if he gave up? Tesla founders gave up on Tesla and sold it to Elon Musk, Elon Musk believed in the business and kept pumping efforts into it, you know where Tesla is today. How about SpaceX? You may have heard that one certain time, SpaceX was at the edge of collapse if one more test on Falcon 1 rocket has failed. It was that one more test that saved SpaceX.

Perhaps, all you need is just one more trial or another “one more!” Just before you give up on your dreams, always remember Thomas Edison whose teacher said he is “too stupid to learn anything.” As in, his teacher gave up on him!

His first two employees fired him from his job for being “non-productive” according to them. As in, his employees also gave up on him! I don’t know how he would have felt, I can’t relate because I have not gotten to that point in my life when everyone gave up on me. But I have always felt terrible seeing few persons give up on me.

Thomas Edison was also struggling with a disability, something he counted as a blessing. He was completely deaf in one ear and also had difficulties hearing with the other ear. His disability was a result of scarlet fever or mastoiditis complications.

For him, because this disability means conversations has to be brief, he called it a blessing for the fact that he would have time to work. He worked 16 hours every day. The same man many people gave up on refused to give up on himself even after over 1000 unsuccessful attempts to invent the light bulb.

He eventually succeeded. We still enjoy his invention and his invention have made many other innovations possible. Though he is long gone, we still talk about him today.

His teachers gave up on him, his employees gave up on him but despite justifiable reasons to give up on himself, he kept trying. Why? Because his dreams are valid! I believe that people will hardly give up on themselves when they realize how valid their dreams are. Maybe, you just need one more push, one more effort, one more investment or one more trial.

Don’t give up yet if giving up is not worth it.

I don’t know if this made sense to you?

I call you blessed.

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