The Scalable Marriage

As a website developer and designer, one of the things we put in mind when designing websites is scalability. A website should be scalable to be able to accommodate new updates, new features and so on. While there are rooms for static websites, for some brands, we also put dynamics in mind. As the business or needs of the website grows, the website is upgraded to accommodate those needs.

You may have noticed something about older smartphones. Some of them cannot run certain applications because the operating system has limits to what it can power. It has reached its peak of scalability and cannot be upgraded or supported anymore. What happens then? The producers stop giving support for the device and it becomes less useful and eventually out of fashion!

Most times, in our selfishness or carelessness, we are mostly concerned about now than we are concerned about the future. We would rather go for initial gratification in a rush than try to take our time to make sure that we are making the right decisions. Some people live their lives based on where they are and not based on where they are going.

As a result, we are always ready to fall for what is available now than what will be available in the future. For example, a man may be considering a woman’s figure and beauty not minding what would become of that figure tomorrow. He just wants to have it now! A woman may be considering a man’s money not minding what happens tomorrow, she just wants to have it now.

Truth is, people may not always appear like what their future will look like but if you can take your time to pray and study people before taking the big step with them, you can truly predict what their future will look like, you can truly ascertain if their future is compatible with where you are going.

A couple of years back, I wanted to purchase a smartphone that ran on the BB10 operating system. I loved the build of this phone, I loved the initial features and I loved being a bit different from others. However, as more and more developers continued to remove support for the operating system, I knew that it wasn’t right for me. Not being right for me was about the future, not about that initial moment. If I had bought the phone, in a few months time, I’d be losing access to more and more productive apps that I needed on the phone. For another person who isn’t getting it for the purpose that I was getting it, it would be their best bet.

When entering a relationship or marriage agreement with someone, the future is more important than now because it is the future and not the now that can determine the success of that marriage. So, when praying or desiring a spouse, stop asking for someone who comes in a certain shape, a certain status and other good appearances. You should pray and desire someone who is fit for where you are going.

People who aren’t fit for where you are going are not necessarily bad people, they won’t make bad spouse for others, they are simply not good for you because they aren’t designed for you the same way an iOS app is not designed for Android regardless if they bear same name and same function.

You need a relationship that is scalable, one that can always upgrade to what the future demands. He may make a good husband as long as you remain his cook, what if things happen in the future that requires you not to cook anymore? He may be good for you as a house wife but what if you become the President of Nigeria tomorrow? She may be a good wife as long as you are a business man but what if you switch into something else tomorrow?

Ponder on this.

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