When God gives you his word, it is not in your place to figure out how He is going to do it. Just believe it and go about your everyday business, just trust that He is able to begin (say) and end (do/complete).

When we call Him, the Alpha and the Omega, this should be what we mean. He, not you, is the Alpha and the Omega. He sees the end from the beginning and before you heard him speak, he has already done it.

No wonder Jesus said, “when you pray about something, believe that you have received it and you will have it”. Sometimes, it is in thinking and trying to figure out how God wants to do what He promised to do that we begin to feed our fears, that is when we begin to ask unhealthy questions, that is when we begin to investigate to see who God wants to use so that when we can get friendly with them, that is why we begin to try figuring out the business God wants to bless us with and we begin to pump money into it.

When God said he will do it, he didn’t ask for your help, he didn’t ask you to figure it out, he didn’t ask you to investigate anything. He is the “I AM” and he is all-sufficient. When he said “I will do it”, he was simply saying “just relax, go and rest, it is my responsibility. I will do it.”

God is too faithful to fail! Stop trying to help him, stop trying to assist him to do the job faster. If he asked you to do it, then he has given you enough backing to do it and if he says “I will do it, then stop bothering yourself and leave it for him to do”

Often, things become a bit confusing, there are times we seem to ask ourselves if it was God who spoke to us or if he is still interested in doing what he promised to do. There are times we may experience delays, the sisters of Lazarus had such experience. Lazarus was sick and dying, they sent a message to Jesus but there was a delay, a very dangerous one.

Eventually, Lazarus died, they lost hope and buried him. But Jesus had given his word, it didn’t matter how long he was dead, it didn’t matter how bad the situation has gotten, all that mattered was that his words will not fail. He called forth Lazarus from the tomb and Lazarus woke up!

In the Old Testament, we saw the fate of a man who wanted to help God. In 2 Samuel 6, we see the man called Uzzah. When the ark of covenant brought amidst all manner of celebrations, the oxen carrying this ark stumbled and Uzzah reached out to help and died instantly. The instruction was “don’t touch holy things” but Uzzah felt he could help and the consequences were grave.

Most times, when we try helping God, we are mocking God and clearly saying that he is not capable of doing things himself. There are fights meant for only God to fight, this is why Jihad and all forms of religious fights are not only demonic but a subtle campaign against God. If God said “I will do it”, then trust him to see it to completion no matter the storm, no matter the tough times and when he said “go ahead and do it”, then trust him that he has given you enough backing to do what he asked you to do.

Stop giving yourself the struggle of trying to find out how it will happen even when you don’t understand it, just believe him, that’s all.

I call you blessed.

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