Random thoughts | Why cherry-pick?

The Church ought to have a conducive environment. The AC, the sound systems, the minister’s honorarium and so on are all very necessary and it requires “dangerous givers”. The early Church had “dangerous givers”, they would sell their properties and bring for the mutual benefit of everyone in the household of faith.

However, this “dangerous giving” isn’t tithing! It’s not “seed-faith”, it’s not “first fruit”, it’s not “family harvest”… There was no need for all these “labels” attached to giving in the early church. They were taught sound doctrine, they experienced the power of this gospel and were passionate about it to the extent of giving their all to it.

Today, we are too lazy to labour in the word, too lazy to persevere in teaching and learning the word and that is why we are producing half baked Christians, Christians who are mixing things, who are drinking unhealthy mix!

You spend 365 days in a local assembly but all you hear is “business success, prayer for money, prayer for visa, prayer against your enemies…” Teaching time is sleeping time while prayer time is “warring time”, that’s because you’ve been wrongly taught.
No wonder, believers today spend time defending and arguing irrelevant things! At this age, we are still arguing tithing, first fruits… We are still arguing if trouser is a sin or not. I see these things and I cringe! Yet, we say we are followers of Christ, that we are carriers of God’s presence but we can’t spend time to hear God speak to us through his word.

It’s the quest for short-cuts and spiritual fast food that is making both believers and their teachers settle for the easy but dangerous path. The teacher teaches you how tithe opens up the windows, how noncompliance to first fruit will close your year forever and how you’ll die in sickness if you don’t sow a seed of faith…

They don’t want to labour and teach you sound doctrine till it begins to beat fruit in you, they just want to “settle you” quickly so that you’ll feel good and settle them! They believe it’s easy to blackmail you emotionally and threaten you into bringing money than teach you patiently and watch God’s word begin to bear fruit in you.

The listener too wants an easy way! It’s better to tithe and receive a hundredfold! It’s better to give a thousand dollars and receive a million dollar deal! It’s easy to sow a token in exchange for a miracle alert! These things are easier to do than to stay consistent in your business and watch it grow, work on your character and see your relationship with people improve, stay contented with what you have and manage yourself!

This is what we’ve reduced the gospel to and of course when failure continues to thrive in their lives despite their compliance to these non-new testament doctrines, they vex! Some continue giving themselves false hope until none is remaining. Some even imagine testimonies to make themselves feel “it’s working” when the life of an unbeliever is materially prosperous than theirs.

A lot of things we practice today as Christianity is nowhere near what the Apostles practised. Yes, we are not to mirror everything they did, we are not to mirror things that they were subjected to because of their peculiar circumstances.

But why is it that anything that relates to “giving money”, “receiving money” and “breakthroughs” are the only things we cherish in the Old Testament? Why cherry-pick? A lot of preachers knows where tithe is in the Old Testament but they don’t know where the rules surrounding these tithes are, they don’t even want you to find it because it will spoil business!

If you admire the Old rules, stick to them wholly, stop the cherry-picking! It’s like saying “I am a feminist” but the man must pay all the bills! If you want to be in, be all in!

I am glad that there are assemblies where God’s word as revealed in Christ is the only thing that matters and all other things revolves around it.

I call you blessed!

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