LGBTQ+ | No Right Should be Against Human Right

“I subscribe to the 1998 Lambeth Resolution 1.10”

I have been thinking about this for a while. Trust me; if I am in the west, this post is enough to make me lose my job, certain benefits or even residential permits. While they claim to be champions of human rights, it seems their kind of right makes some set of people have more rights than the other.

I won’t want to give this article any spiritual connotation because I am writing this not only to a spiritually conscious audience but also to an audience that lives in denial of spiritual realities. However, I can’t excuse that my Christian life also shaped my reasoning, so you may feel some kind of bias that I feel doesn’t exist.

The LGBTQ+ community is made up of wonderful people, humans with good hearts, emotions, desires and other things that makeup humanity. Gay people are humans who deserve to be loved, protected and cared for just like every other person. 

Although my initial experience of homosexuals was as a victim of sexual abuse, I have also come across lovely souls bottled up in the bodies of homosexuals and lesbians. Let me also be sincere enough to say that I have seen folks from this community who seem to love God, they struggle between reconciling what they feel to what the scripture teaches. But, saying we love God is not enough.

I am starting this way to say that I have nothing against anyone who is gay just as I have nothing against anyone who is having premarital sex. Both are flaws if we should speak from a moral standpoint as Christians. I also believe that a gay who confesses Christ as his or her Lord and saviour and puts their hope on Christ is a believer and loved by God despite their struggles just like any other believer who is neck-deep in a struggle. 

However, I must also say with all sincerity that I do not seem to agree with homosexuality but I agree with their rights. Everyone deserves a right as long as this right doesn’t hurt others or is used against others. This is exactly where the problem is, exactly where I have a problem with the people in this community. I am not homophobic; I shouldn’t be labelled homophobic for having my reservations about a certain lifestyle. 

As a believer with an Anglican background, I subscribe to the 1998 Lambeth Resolution 1.10 which by the teaching of Scripture upholds faithfulness in marriage between a man and a woman in lifelong union and believes that abstinence is right for those who are not called to marry. 

Here is the problem and it is in that problem that I see an agenda. I am not anti-LGBTQ+ except you say that not accepting that way of life makes me one. In the West, there is massive propaganda going on by these communities and the vision is to reprogram children to start thinking a certain way. In fact, in these countries, it would seem as though Parents do not have rights over their kids anymore. I believe every parent have the right to teach their kids and cultivate their values in these kids except in the case where what the kids are being taught is what will harm other people.

Just the same way LGBTQ+ folks believe that they deserve the right to live their lives, they should also understand that people who are heterosexual and doesn’t support those ideologies have rights to their thought pattern too. I see a lot of news about people who are dismissed from work simply because they publicly aired their opinion about homosexuality.

I am all against the criminalization of homosexuality because two adults can decide what to do with their bodies, we can’t decide for them but to some extent, I think the western leaders have no moral right to speak against African and Asian leaders who pass anti-gay bills and here is why. 

In many western countries, we no longer have the right to disagree with lifestyles that are against our values, we no longer have the freedom of speech to expressly air our own opinions as regards these lifestyles but these same people are the first to condemn African leaders when they clamp down on gay activities. 

I also want to say that we need to review how we let homosexual couples access orphanage homes and adopt children. These children are products of heterosexual relationships and when one chooses to be in a relationship that denies them the ability to procreate, they should be content with their decisions. 

Now, I am not saying that gay couples should be out-rightly denied the right to adopt children but I think that if the government is not playing a script, they should back adoption agencies with the right to decide if they would accept gay couples or not. It should be in the discretion of these agencies to control who has access to these kids.

Now, I don’t want to write too much. I just want to put my point in a summation so that I am not misunderstood. The problem I have with what the LGBTQ+ communities are championing as rights is that to some extent, the so-called rights seems to be against human rights, it seems to be standing in the way of freedom. Human rights already cover “all humans”!

What do I mean by this? Criticizing homosexuality these days is seen as an abomination, if you aren’t kicked out of social media, you’d be getting a sack letter the next day or you are getting a letter notifying you of your termination as a brand ambassador. So, out of fear, a lot of people choose to stay mute but that is not how it is supposed to be.

Now, I am against attacks on homosexuals whether vocal or physical. While we have what we call morals, rights or wrongs, we do not have rights to determine for people who they want to be in a relationship with or what their worldview should be but everything is wrong when we are shoving our lifestyles down the throat of others; when we enter relationships that denies us the ability to have children but go to other families that have children to decide for them how to raise their kids and what to teach their kids.

I am against hatred towards people in the LGBTQ+ but I am also against hatred towards those who don’t agree with the lifestyle; that’s what human rights should be all about. Human rights shouldn’t be about giving just one section of people more rights and giving the other person little rights. 

Today, a preacher can be arrested in the West and sent to prison for fulfilling his religious obligations and teaching his audience what the Bible teaches, he can be accused of abuse even though the preacher might have experienced some form of abuse before his arrest. It is okay if people from the LGBTQ+ stone a preacher for teaching against gay relationships and the same preacher will be arrested and sentenced for abuse.

How do we explain the introduction of transgender guidelines being used in primary schools across England? Why not allow children to grow into adults and make decisions for themselves? Now, Christian parents in England and some other parts of the world can no longer trust state education to be kind to their values and train their kids with these values without indoctrinating them with a lifestyle that is against their values.

I am particular about the indoctrination of children; the parents of these children are technically denied certain rights! It is the right of parents to protect their children’s vulnerability and inculcate in them their culture, values and faith belief system. These indoctrinations especially with regards to psychology have serious mental effects on children causing them depression.

Unfortunately, so many religious and political leaders are playing according to the script. Is it a result of fear? I don’t know. 

Just as written in the 1998 Lambeth Resolution 1.10, I acknowledge the fact that there are believers who experience same-sex attraction for no fault of theirs but desire pastoral care, moral direction of the Church and God’s transforming power. We must commit ourselves to giving audience to their experience without judging them but assuring them constantly that regardless of sexual orientation, God loves them. As we do this, we must also continue to stand on the truth of God’s word which guarantees true freedom and transformation.

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