Dear Believer,

It’s not God’s will that you engage in dirty jokes, foolish talks, and other kinds of discussions that don’t speak well of you. You also don’t have to promote it.

You have to keep your mind pure and in this age, you have to also keep your timeline pure. If you are a believer in Christ Jesus, you have no business engaging in some kinds of discussions and you have no business laughing or commenting on some dirty jokes.

Don’t even try telling advising people on a thread of dirty jokes because by commenting at all, you’re indirectly promoting their dirty activities. If you can’t go to their inboxes to have an honest but “loving” conversation with them about their choice of lifestyle, then simply use the “hide post” button to remove such kinds of posts from your timeline.

Apostle Paul wrote to the Christians at Ephesians saying “Obscene stories, foolish talk, and coarse jokes—these are not for you. Instead, let there be thankfulness to God.” – Ephesians 5:4

It’s becoming increasingly difficult because we are in a time where all of these things pop up on your timeline! You no longer need to hang out with bad friends to hear or read some dirty jokes and unhealthy thoughts. Whether all your friends here are godly, you’d still see posts from people you do not follow at all!

It takes a few swipes on TikTok, Reels, Instagram, Twitter and so on to see filthy jokes, unhealthy content and so on. Some of them are creative and even funny but you must know where you are coming from and choose to ignore them deliberately.

Paul gave similar advice in his letter to Timothy saying “Avoid worthless, foolish talk that only leads to more godless behaviour.” – 2 Timothy 2:16

Avoid it like a plague because you may think you have yourself all figured out and at the end of the day you see yourself subscribing to a lifestyle that negates your convictions. These dirty jokes and explicit contents we meet here every day have a way of subtly making us move towards living godless lifestyles.Stay away from it!

Some believers are struggling with certain lifestyles, they are always asking God for help in that regard and they always see themselves doing what they don’t want to do. You need to grow up and take charge of what you feed yourself. It’s possible that what you feed on here triggers such lifestyles. You don’t even have to visit po*n websites to watch it anymore. It’s all over Twitter.

We have very damaged people all over this space, we have godless people all over this space and they will always give out what they have. You too must take charge and start giving out what you have. Paul said we should give thanksgiving to God instead of laughing over silly jokes!

What does this mean in the world of social media? It means that for every silly joke you come across, make godly content. Discuss Jesus, discuss positive things, discuss healthy things and promote things that will glorify God’s name.

If you are a teacher, also teach on social media. If you are a music minister as some like to be called, also minister in music on social media, if you are a creative writer, also use your skills to promote Godliness and Jesus on social media. Nothing is wrong with having prayer meetings every morning on social media. Saturate this space with godly contents.

One of the tools the devil uses to keep you from not taking action is a guilty conscience. You may be subtly proposed not to have a thing against it because you “aren’t any good”. You may have one or two things that you are struggling with but never let it hold you down, never let it redefine you and control what you accept and what you reject. Propagate your values on this space and don’t let the filthy things here worsen your situation.

The talks you must avoid in this space aren’t just sexually immoral talks but also other talks that demean your faith, mock your values and promote apathy towards God and the things of God. Paul continued

“This kind of talk spreads like cancer, as in the case of Hymenaeus and Philetus. They have left the path of truth, claiming that the resurrection of the dead has already occurred; in this way, they have turned some people away from the faith.” – 2 Timothy 2:17‭-‬18 NLT

Tolerating these talks has done so much damage and no good. You may not even know how much of you is being consumed by it. Don’t give in to even so-called “believers” whose opinions are subtly destroying your prayer life.

Take note of this. If it’s making you less prayerful, less prone to studying God’s word or making you develop apathy towards spiritual things, then it’s not good for you.

I call you blessed.


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