About Me | “It all started one early morning…”

George is also an author, a Bible teacher and a recording artist. He is also the creative director of BrandPRO, the branding arm of Funtrick Technology, a business founded by him. George takes time to write on his personal blog, George’s Diary. He also writes his opinions on politics and some other subject on Gist Afrique.

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My little story – It all started one early morning from the floor of the sitting room.

Born February 25, 1991, in the city of Onitsha, I grew up discovering that what gives me fulfilment is reaching lives through writings and other creative mediums. It became even more evident when one early morning as a kid, I was lying on the floor of the sitting room, I had passed the night there. A hand tapped me once in the thick darkness and all sleep was gone, then I heard him say clearly in my head “go and preach the gospel”—all sleep was gone and all that was burning in my heart was a way to get it done.

I remember wearing nothing but shorts, carry our local lamp with gloves stained by smoke and running down the stairs of the four story building. I was wearing nothing on my legs and if anyone was awake listening into the dead silence, the sound of my little tender feet would be heard—a sound of passion and war against darkness! Then I was downstairs!

There was nothing to say, I had no bible, I had nothing much in my head but a passion! The dew was descending on my body, it was a chilling experience. All I could say was “Ndi yard good morning! Chegharia nu! Maka na Jisos na azoputa!”—I spoke in Igbo language, my mother tongue which means “Good morning my yard neighbours, have a change of mind, Jesus saves!”

That was all I could say and I ran upstairs!

I felt no fulfilment, I felt no one listened and I had the urge to go all over again. My elder brother, Chukwuebuka, was also lying at the sitting room, we usually shared a mat. I woke him up, asked him to stay awake and listen as I go downstairs to make an announcement. It didn’t seem to make much sense to him but he stayed up as I went downstairs and repeated “ndi yard good morning! Chegharia nu, maka na Jisos na azoputa!”

When I ran upstairs again, he confirmed with excitement that he heard me and that was the beginning of ministry for me.

While I have had my good and bad moments, moments that seemed I would question God, moments that seemed the fire isn’t burning any longer, moments that I felt I need to go back in the sands of time and start all over again! Yet, at the borderline, I always see him draw me back. He is the one who keeps holding on to me, I could have let go if I was the one holding on to him—that is how my love walk with God started, just one night, from the floor of the sitting room.

About me

I am a public speaker, I love speaking about Jesus, his finished works and how it concerns our everyday life. I also love discussing topics that relates to gender-equality, youths, relationships, marriages and other similar topics. I believe that Jesus is the center-theme of the Bible and therefore we must only teach the Bible in the light of what Jesus has done. The gospel is about Jesus plus nothing!

I could travel anywhere on an invitation (if relevant) to reach out and talk to people.

I am also a recording artist with the stage name “GracefulGeorge” who don’t do music as a profession but as a hobby while encouraging those called in that area to make a career out of it. My singles are available all over the internet, you can also find it below.

I have authored a few short books like Raped At Seventeen, Unmasking DepressionThe Love StoryDedicated To Women. Helped! Of The Lord is my latest book which I consider a premium.


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  1. Great testimony really encouraging.

    “For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.

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