SINS OF THE FATHERS | Does God Visit People’s Iniquities on Their Children?

Many Christians believe in what I would call the doctrine of generational curses wherein it is said to be caused by the sins of the fathers or certain covenants one's forefather entered with idols. I like how the Bible describes idols, they are mere objects, non-living thing and very inconsequential. Evil Spirits takes advantage of... Continue Reading →


"Hi George, in many instances in the Bible, we read that people fell on their face and worshipped God. We also saw that in the Gospels, Jesus fell on his face and worshipped God. I also know of a religion where its members usually fall face down when praying. Is this the right way to... Continue Reading →


"Hi George, although you've discussed towards this direction, I want you to clearly explain what the mark of the beast is and how a believer can avoid it. Is it a chip? How do I understand the book of Revelations?" - Anonymous Dear Anonymous, The book of Revelations and other eschatological documents isn't an independent... Continue Reading →


What if COVID-19 is God's judgement? You must have heard some folks say that the recent upsurge of Coronavirus is the expression of God's anger on earth but let's tackle this with common sense. Does it make any sense that God's anger is so cowardly that it targets only the aged and those whose immune... Continue Reading →

TRUST ISSUES IN RELATIONSHIPS | A Way Out? The Video: Trust Issues In Relationships | A way out? How do you deal with a relationship where you are striving to earn trust but to no avail? How do you handle a relationship where every of your move is under scrutiny? How do you handle it when your partner trolls on you everywhere,... Continue Reading →

She Don’t Like Cooking

"I am dating a girl and we are planning to get married next year. She told me that she doesn't like cooking or doing the house chores with the excuse that she is a career woman. We've not always been together but I noticed it when she visited over the weekend. She didn't sweep nor... Continue Reading →


A young woman once complained to me that her husband is putting so much pressure on her to do more than she is doing sexually. She knew she was doing well already but he keeps introducing unhealthy options like binding her on the bed, blindfolding her and rough handling her during sex. Sometimes he prefers... Continue Reading →

AskGeorge: Why Did Jesus Curse The Fig Tree?

Please, I'll appreciate it if you can squeeze out time to attend to my question. I was doing a little study this night about the supposedly "BARREN" fig tree Jesus cursed in Matthew 21:19; everything seemed fine until I read the same account in Mark 11:13 and I became confused. My question is: "Why did... Continue Reading →

6 Ways Less Attention Keeps You Attractive

Yea, humans need a lot of attention, they want to be called, sent text messages and their pictures used on your profiles. In relationships, everyone wants to be regarded and treated special but what you also don't know is that for many people, too much attention can become boring. They may not admit this because... Continue Reading →

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