Growing up, writing and my mother

Throughout my Nursery, Primary and Secondary School, I wasn't that super-intelligent boy who passes exams but one thing was certain, I was among the best in all my classes when it comes to comprehension, public reading and stuff. Do you know why? My mother who wasn't even a secondary school graduate trained us by herself... Continue Reading →

“Is he trying to get under my pants?” | My Church Story first in-depth experience within a Church system. I have been waiting to share this story for years. I may not include all the details because that would mean writing a book. But, I will share what I feel my readers would need the most. Some years back, I served as the chapter President of... Continue Reading →

ASABA | A CRY FOR HELP Something is wrong. Regrettably, I will go the easy way which is to keep praying but do little or nothing because I have been defeated by the very thought of what the solution could be. Many years back, when my father drove me and my brother to this blooming downtown to show us a... Continue Reading →

7 Lessons I learnt from TB Joshua I have penned my encounter with the Prophet, TB Joshua, a controversial servant of God who has been called all manner of names like the "Witch of Endor". Some of the controversy surrounding the Prophet is based on one claim that he "got born again from his mother's womb". We know a lot of... Continue Reading →


I took a break from social media before he passed away. I wanted to stay away from all the drama in this, I experienced stillness doing so. The first 30 minutes here was exhausting, all the bad news, clumsiness, rows and negative vibes that I was running away from came gawking at my face. This... Continue Reading →

I Survived

I was involved in an accident that would have cut short my life on earth. Well, my life wasn't cut short to God's glory but this is the way many people who left this earth. I closed at work and had to rush to Church for an assignment. It was also our midweek service. When... Continue Reading →


This story is not to stir up emotions, criticize a denomination or even get at people who "offended" me but to communicate a lesson I learnt during my moments of service in this denomination. If you are familiar with the happenings, please do not take this personal whether you are for or against it. I... Continue Reading →

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