Polygamy, Concubines & Adultery

Someone asked "George, if adultery means having sex with someone who isn't your spouse, why didn't God have Abraham and the rest have multiple wives and even concubines who are like side chics. Please help throw more light on this." My Answer... The Bible's definition of adultery is not what many of us make out... Continue Reading →


First things first, there isn't any goat used for rituals by the British royal family as claimed by some Nigerians who are sympathetic to the already dead paganistic practices that were prevalent in the precolonial times. They claim that Britain came to Africa and destroyed our tradition which included cruel treatment and killing of Animals... Continue Reading →

SLAVERY: Africa Needs To Apologise To Africa

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has triggered scintillating conversations and the prevalent dudgeons some Africans have about and towards the British Monarch and the white race. But is this vexation justified, or are we all trying not to be accountable for the actions of our great grandfathers? Why does it seem that there is... Continue Reading →


"Nigerians will probably achieve consensus on no other matter than their common resentment of the Igbo,” - Chinua Achebe Nigeria has an "Igbo problem" and whether we choose to admit this or not, it exists. It is becoming a culture as it is being transferred from one generation to another generation. Ask some people why... Continue Reading →

The Igbos & Yorubas of Sierra Leone

The Igbos and Yorubas are not indigenous to Sierra Leone but they played enormous roles in this country as freed slaves long before the nineteenth century. They were known in Sierra Leone as Ibos (or Ebos) and Akus. The Ibos were Christians while the Akus were principally Muslims. Today, most of the Ibos and Akus... Continue Reading →

The Igbos From Benin

Igbos are naturally prone to migrations.  Pre-colonial times, several Igbos migrated to Benin (known as Idu in Igbo communities). There isn't much-written documentation on this as the people of that era mostly used oral documentation. The Igbos migrated in very large numbers to Benin and even played special roles in the Benin empire. Chima, a... Continue Reading →

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