“Is he trying to get under my pants?” | My Church Story

 ...my first in-depth experience within a Church system. I have been waiting to share this story for years. I may not include all the details because that would mean writing a book. But, I will share what I feel my readers would need the most. Some years back, I served as the chapter President of... Continue Reading →

GIVING TO PASTORS | Deal or No Deal?

Considerable individuals feel that they have been scammed when they drop an offering or hand over an envelope of money to their Pastors. Well, I wouldn't pretend like the flashy lifestyles of some pastors didn't cause the ill-feeling some people have towards giving to Pastors. But, it is dishonest to judge all Pastors because of... Continue Reading →


Part of our duty as ministers of the New Covenant is to rebuke and show those who teach false doctrine that they are wrong. This way, we are preventing them from deceiving people further. The motive of false teachers is one thing… To take advantage of the ignorance of believers to satisfy their belly. Apostle... Continue Reading →

Open Letter To Pastor Megaleío

Dear Pastor Megaleio, I am lettering you openly believing that you will perceive the message. I couldn't write to you confidentially because the last time we discussed something we didn't seem to agree on it went a toxic route. I had to clear all our chats to ensure I don't go back to them and... Continue Reading →

7 Lessons I learnt from TB Joshua

https://open.spotify.com/episode/2KLVybGxKjw37MA7xIN6DN?si=8-W7I1gCRPaDJcTk7qCPfw&dl_branch=1 I have penned my encounter with the Prophet, TB Joshua, a controversial servant of God who has been called all manner of names like the "Witch of Endor". Some of the controversy surrounding the Prophet is based on one claim that he "got born again from his mother's womb". We know a lot of... Continue Reading →

Mighty Men Are Mere Men

https://open.spotify.com/episode/5Vndk05PTLAWDxYk8kvmvp?si=7B_gTojsROiyxIB-elZg_A&dl_branch=1 The earth has never been without stalwart and highly influential men. Some men didn't only influence and shake their communities, they shook the entire world and became famous even in places that they have never been to. We turn our TVs to watch these powerful men, we go to the book stores to get... Continue Reading →


This article was previously published on my Facebook on April 22, 2019 I know I have no audacity to address you. I know there may not be any such apostolic and prophetic mantle on me that gives me such audacity to write to you but please I write this in humility. I also plead your... Continue Reading →

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