When Jesus was on earth, he was called "friends of sinners"... This means that he was not judgemental of sinners but was rather very judgemental of religious people. I think this is quite revealing. Many people think that they've succeeded in being like Jesus when sinners get very uncomfortable around them or when sinners run... Continue Reading →

WOMAN, It’s your right to EXERCISE DOMINION.

Where did we got the idea that women are limited to just very few career choices or the things that they can do? Where did we get the idea that "it's a man's world?" The Bible didn't present such notions. The Bible is vivid with God's arrangements! "So God created humans in his own image.... Continue Reading →


Dear Believer, It's not God's will that you engage in dirty jokes, foolish talks, and other kinds of discussions that don't speak well of you. You also don't have to promote it. You have to keep your mind pure and in this age, you have to also keep your timeline pure. If you are a... Continue Reading →

See God in That Problem

Joseph saw his future, he was going to be a king! He was born to rule! But what he didn't see was the means of getting to that future. If Joseph saw that he was going to be sold to slavery, that he was going to be accused falsely and imprisoned, he might have never... Continue Reading →


... Re-evaluating our definition of decency I once criticized young girls who go about without bra only to sit back and ask myself "what exactly is the purpose of bra? Why do I think they should wear bras? What makes not wearing it indecent?" And then I realized that I was guilty of wanting to... Continue Reading →

Puberty happened to me

If you want to know what goes on in the life of your male child, read this and make of it whatever you want. In my family, we weren't brought up to count on friendships. We were dissuaded from making friends. Making friends of the opposite sex was an abomination. I grew up not being... Continue Reading →

5 Dangers of Stereotyping

As an Igbo, from the Eastern part of Nigeria, I will use some of the experiences prevalent in this part of the world to drive home my opinion. Some Igbos have this weird opinion about Imo people, an Igbo state. Either they tell you that their girls are wayward or they tell you that their... Continue Reading →

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