From 2017, I was becoming fed up with Church. Not Church as in what it is, but Church as in what we made it to be. If you know anyone around me then, ask them. Every time we met, I would always grumble on how the Church is missing the whole point of prayer. It... Continue Reading →

Charlie Charlie Game | What every Christian must know about it

The Charlie Charlie game challenge as it is called trended in 2015 which saw many youths dabble into it. Some engaged themselves into it just to be sure, some other folks dabbled into it just for fun while some people truly wanted to use it as a medium of getting answers. Here in 2021, it... Continue Reading →

How we lose “Steve Jobs” in our Churches everyday

We all know Steve Jobs for his innovation, the richest business in the world today, Apple Inc. Some of us also know him for his disbelief in God and many people assume that his lack of faith in God is typical of the Silicon Valley. However, what we do not always hear or know about... Continue Reading →

It’ll make sense if you keep pushing

Sometimes, I stand to speak or give my opinion about something and people think "oh boy, that guy is educated". Yes, I am educated but I am not educated in context to what they are referring to. This is a personal story, something I would have preferred sometime ago not to share but I am... Continue Reading →

Where emotion and spirituality meets

Life is spiritual. People who deny this live their lives casually and sometimes, they make some spiritual moves without even knowing but the problem is that when there are spiritual inputs in their daily programs, it is not intentional. So, there can be negative or positive inputs but because it wasn't intentionally done, deliberate follow-ups... Continue Reading →

Be Grateful Where You Are

Don't live your life thinking we are all running towards the same end. Don't think you must do well in a certain area just because your mates did well in that area. Just because you started life with people doesn't mean you'll get the same result with them. But just because you didn't get the... Continue Reading →

The “Our Lord’s Prayer” Hoax

I have come across certain circulations that claim Facebook is banning people from posting 'Our Lord's Prayer' and unfortunately, some right-wing groups are adding voice to this hoax especially with the recent fact-check link that appears under a post with "Our Lord's Prayer" as the content. It is quite disturbing what we have turned Christianity... Continue Reading →

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