Feminism & Misandry

When a woman says "I am a feminist", the first thing that comes to the mind of certain people is "that's another man-hater on rampage". The definition of feminism is simple. Any addition to it is not feminism. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines feminism as 1: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the... Continue Reading →

360° Honour Codes | 7 Hallmarks of Honour

Let's not beat about the bush, honour is a beautiful thing and anyone who walks in honour glows in radiant beauty. We can't beat it, it's a principle that is the shortcut to greatness. Anyone who frowns at the mention of honour has a very deep problem and it's not good for the mental wellbeing... Continue Reading →

Knowing is not enough

When I was very much younger, I attended a school that has its motto as "knowledge is power", we sang it every morning at the school assembly and we grew up with it. One thing we couldn't clearly define at that moment was "knowledge". We were made to understand that for us to pass our... Continue Reading →

My Kittens Taught Me Something

It's been a while since I adopted Maxi and Lily. Maxi came first while Lily came weeks later. These fluffy cute creatures can be annoying sometimes without meaning it. They would appear from nowhere, jump on your feet and leave some marks of ownership on you. Kitten owners know what I am talking about. They... Continue Reading →

Dust Off & Keep Walking

A lot of times, we find it difficult to recover from our mistakes and move on. We spend weeks, months or even years mourning over the wrong decisions we have made. Yes, the truth is that we made wrong decisions but the bigger truth is that we have better opportunities to do the right thing... Continue Reading →

Ill-Gotten, Ill-Spent

You see, good and lasting things don't just happen by accident, they are not results of luck but results of preparedness. I know a young man who made a million naira from football betting in one day but ended up begging for transport money in few months. Same would have been the case of another... Continue Reading →

The Throne, traded for friendship

There is one fascinating story in the Bible, I don't think I have paid so much attention to it as I did presently. It's something we are all familiar with, the story of David, Jonathan and Saul. In what became overbearing jealousy, bitterness and anger against David for stealing his shine, Saul became a sworn... Continue Reading →

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