In The Eyes Of The Public

You know we don't usually like hearing the truth but truth is truth anyway no matter how annoying it sounds. Even when we mock someone and call them "holier than thou" just for saying the truth, it doesn't stop the truth from being truth. Many years ago, I was on my way back from Awka... Continue Reading →


I saw a very disturbing thing on Facebook this morning. I won't give details of that but I was prompted to write this. Whenever there is a scandal against a visibly Churchy person, we see many people saying "don't trust all these Church people". I haven't written to criticize it because they speak from experience... Continue Reading →

Better to be obscure but fulfilled, than be famous but unfulfilled

Believe me, forget fame and discover your purpose! You don't need to be famous to fulfil purpose! Sometimes, it is in the quest for fame that many get lost. You don't necessarily need to be known by the entire world. Some people are designed to groom those who will be known by the world! There... Continue Reading →

Gifts in Rugged Package

So many times, we see parents complain about one of their children who fights a lot or one who is so stubborn. Sometimes, we do not realize that they are gifts in disguise. There are fights you can't fight, you may require these children to fight that fight for you. I remember when I served... Continue Reading →


"Work willingly at WHATEVER you do, as though you were WORKING FOR THE LORD rather than for people." - Colossians 3:23 NLT Do you know that you serve God by serving others? Do you know that if God should show you the records of how well you served him, it is going to be a... Continue Reading →

Population Control may not be a bad idea

Many people believe that Christians shouldn't talk about population control. After all, the Bible tells us that in the beginning, after God had created man, he blessed them and said: "Go and multiply". The same Bible tells us that God said " subdue the Earth", which means "take control of the Earth." We have multiplied... Continue Reading →


If this pandemic didn't affect you, you don't know how "lucky" you are. But you may not keep being that lucky. Even if you are a multi-level marketer who use only social media to get people, it will affect you because it is money that people will use to become your downline. For some of... Continue Reading →

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